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(This topic is written for people educated in Emergence Theory Physics. It was* written in the future.)

Consciousness is vegan. This is because consciousness is universal, intelligent and meaningful.

Higher dimensional Intelligence of non-repeating Mandelbrot type geometric imaging determines Time, Information, Evolution and Progress in Vegan Emergence Theory. What is emerging? Vegan Consciousness is what is emerging. The Gauge Symmetry Transformation of the coalescing E8 Crystal Lattice of True Vegan Consciousness refracts into the Fourth Dimension through to the Quasi Crystal of individuated sentient minds, diverse torrents that are Matrices of thought formation Pixels measured in Planck Lengths for this Emergent 3D Vegan Reality to occur.**

There is a singular flaw in modern physics, and it is so humorous, I almost do not want to rectify it. All of reality is not Information, it is Communication. When this thought formation finally integrates into modern physics, granting Quantum Mechanics its due respect, then the math will work. It is not just Observation, but Integrated Communication sent and received and understood that effectuates change. At first, physicists will assume that Communication descends, then ascends, and then descending and ascending from Eighth to Fourth to Eighth Dimensions until it is realized there is no up nor down and Communication is circular in the lower dimensions and spherical in the higher dimensions.

The higher dimensions are less physical, like thought. Lower dimensions are more limited and dense like a brick. In the future physics will announce that Karma, a function of Consciousness interacting with reality, determines the flow of all Causality Loops of Communication. This explains why the advent of Vegan Consciousness is important to recalibrate the ‘Karma Function’ of life which, in this case, acts as a disruptor field emanating from Future Eventuality to condition reality. With all time occurring all the time and affecting all time all of the time, Animal Justice, Vegan Truth, Food Justice and Vegan Ecological Realism are Eventuality Determinisms of Non-determinism. The truth is known that these concerns are correct, progress or Evolution must then be activated towards this Inevitable Outcome Directionally, even intellectually if not physically, and thus the Direction of Consciousness is to reform 3D into Vegan 3D. Veganism is a coefficient for known Future Eventuality guiding Evolution which makes it a Relative Constant.

The big question is, how does the Golden Ratio, the Supreme Constant, relate to Vegan Evolution? The fundamental constant of nature which is mathematically known as the Golden Ratio, bears the inevitable outcome of all mathematical analysis programed into it which will be known as the Constant of Inevitability to which all motion, work and evolution is aimed, otherwise known relatively in this instance as Vegan Transformation. The Golden Ratio is the “Middle Way” of Physics and is the goal of entropy, the Directionality of Motion, the neutral grounding of this Electric Universe and the mathematical equivalent of the beguiling numberless number zero but with Delta Numeric Value depending on its dimensional mathematical applications.

The cognizance of the E8 Crystal Lattice is faster than the speed of light which is the approximate limit of 3D reality velocity and so it integrates outcome before lower dimensions can even perceive the quandary. In fact, the E8 Crystal is in constant super-fast motion which supersedes the speed of light and therefore appears as energy from any 3D view when in truth it operates at the speed of thought and is nonexistent in its existent nature. Therefore, the Vegan E8 Crystal Lattice depends on the Golden Ratio to give Thought Communication physical form and the formation of Direction in 3D. This form is in a constant flux of Directionality towards evolution in 3D and, in this case, towards the evolution of Vegan Reality which has already occurred as the outcome of Truth and Decision in the 8th dimension and thus is the constant for life Evolutionary processes on Earth.

(* Correct verb conjugation for this inter-dimensional message.)

(** Gold is the language of the first dimension, Diamond is the language of the second dimension, Math is the language of the third dimension, Mandelbrot Geometric Imaging is the language of the fourth dimension, Symbolic Imaging is the language of the fifth dimension, Fifth Dimensional Math Fused With Mandelbrot Type Fourth Dimensional Geometry is the language of the sixth dimension, Infinity (Expansion) vs. Non-Infinity (Contraction) is the language of the sixth dimension, Formlessness is the language of the seventh dimension and the Third Dimension is the language of the eighth dimension.)

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