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Religion is responsible for the hierarchical thinking that puts men above women, humans over the other animals, kings over slaves and one religion over another. Is it a coincidence that the appearance of organized religion parallels the evolution of organized warfare?

As a freethinker, I would never deny any "believer" their right to believe and to speak openly about it. It's religious folks who want to deny atheists, agnostics and deists an equal voice when discussing contemporary moral issues.

People of all faiths have been praying for an end to war for ten millennia, when will their gods respond?

Why do many believers fear freethinking so vehemently? What is their fear? Thinking? Asking questions? Logic?
How many would dare open the cover of a book penned by an agnostic?

"The happiest people I know have been those who gave no concern about their own souls, but did their uttermost to mitigate the miseries of others."
-Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as the Dark Ages."
-Ruth Hermence Green

Being obsessed with the afterlife and whether one will live in some version of a heaven or hell is more than just a waste of time. It means doing "good work" out of fear. I 've been trying to do "good work" for half a motivation is to reduce suffering because I have empathy with those who suffer, not because of fear of some god's wrath.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside "believers" and freethinkers in the effort to achieve equal rights for women and minorities, The Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Jews had no problem standing next to me. Historically, freethinkers have been among leaders in the fights for justice and peace, including the animal rights and vegan movements.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/06/17 22:03:24

    Ahimsa32fa seems to be acting as an atheist recruiter who propagandizes falsity about the atheist lifestyle as she recruits followers into her programmed thinking. She blames religion for all the world’s problems which is such a tainted view. She hates hierarchy, religion, and culture as she seeks to displace them with an atheist dystopia which is crueler than anything she critiques.

    She makes a generalizing statement that All religion subjugates women. I guess she truly buys the communist propaganda of atheist governments like China which claims gender equality. One must understand that atheist gender equality makes both genders equally stripped of their indigenous culture, equally worked in slave factories without rights, equally worked on infrastructure like road repair without pay, equally monitored by communist agents who keep lists and be equally disappeared, tortured, imprisoned and have their organs harvested should members of either gender step out of line.

    She fails to mention that all, that is All atheist governments such as the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, North Korea, The People’s republic of China, Cuba, communist Vietnam etc. are the very most hierarchical social, political, cultural and bureaucratic structures in our planet’s entire history. Atheism breeds totalitarianism, tyranny, purges, genocide, prison states, oligarchs, and extreme hierarchy while it pretends to be gender egalitarian. Everyone is a slave under communism and atheism is that society’s stated response to religion.

    She then blames religion on all war. Hitler was a socialist at a time when Marxism was first being implemented. Both Fascism and communism are Marxist. Marx states that “Religion is the opiate of the people.” The Fascists and the Communists both have waged extensive wars. Hitler invaded Europe and Russia with approximately one hundred million dead and many more wounded, the Soviet Union rolled the tanks into Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and all of Eastern Europe while converting Cuba and South America with their violent revolutions and wars.

    Ahimsa32fa calls herself a 'freethinker' but that is a lie. It is not ‘free thinking’ to limit one’s thoughts and to automatically censor all religious thoughts in ones’ self and others. The communist and fascist governments her brand of atheism propagandizes is famous for censorship of the press, TV, radio and the web. Atheism wants to strip you of your native dialect, your native culture, your religion and your personal spirituality to replace it all with a proletariat, assembly line citizenry that obeys and does not think for itself. And Ahimsa32fa calls this free thought?

    She then misinterprets religion by putting a time limit on God. This is typical of the insulting nature of atheists. Atheism is a compound word. 'A' means without and 'Theism' meaning God and religion. Atheism is only a reaction to religion. There is no morality, culture nor creed with atheists, rather they exist only to annihilate and desecrate religion. Ahimsa32fa is the same. She wants respect for her desecration of other people’s religious culture, demands free speech to insult religion and wants no limit as she mocks God.

    Then Ahimsa32fa tries to turn the tables unsuccessfully and asks why those ‘believers’ fear ‘freethinkers’ do not like her. After hundreds of millions of people have been imprisoned, tortured, executed, driven underground and humiliated by atheists in the USSR, Eastern Europe, Hitler’s Germany, China, North Korea, communist Vietnam and other countries need she ask? She just wants to play the role of innocent victim as though she could actually portray the long suffering purity of Catholic Saint. There is one problem, she is no saint. She is a fraud, a propagandist and a recruiter for the most intolerant, the most violent, the most inhumane form of thinking on planet Earth; atheism.

    Then Ahimsa32fa quotes unknown atheist losers as though this should mean something. If you want good quotes, try Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Chief Seattle, Moses, Mahavira, Dalai Lama, Saint Theresa, Rumi, Thomas Merton or Khalil Gibran; all Theists. These theist writers not only wrote heart touching insightful literature, but they embraced history more profoundly than any atheist could ever desire.

    Ahimsa32fa, an atheist who thinks she is wiser and more enlightened than Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Mahavira, and Krishna states that religion is only an obsession with afterlife and that heaven and hell do not exist. Do you think this atheist propagandist tool of a recruiter should tell us about heaven and hell and the afterlife when she is just another cyber troll sock puppet of a HappyCow forum topic? We should drop all religion because she knows better? Billions of People have accepted religious cosmologies since the dawn of time. Temples, churches, Mosques, Cathedrals, sculptures, paintings, symphonies, choirs, ragas and literature fill our planet from our ancestors creating our religious culture, and this Ahimsa32fa thinks she knows better? Ahimsa32fa is an unpleasant joke.

    Then Ahimsa32fa tells us how great she is for working with “them,” those dirty coreligionists she insults in this forum. She wants us to believe she is compassionate for putting up with Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Jews but if they read this forum topic she wrote, insulting religion, they would have nothing to do with her. Atheists always try to stand in front of other people’s social movements so they can sugar coat their poisonous wrong views. If you read all of Ahimsa32fa’s forum topics, she is far less concerned with veganism or vegetarianism than she is interested in using these important lifestyle choices to enlist people into her doctrine of insulting hate speech.

    Do not be fooled by Ahimsa32fa.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 02/07/17 20:34:32

    I think that it is unfair to criticize religion and blame religion for war and cruelty. Religion is not responsible for these things! Narrow-minded people are and by insulting other peoples beliefs you are being narrow-minded (the opposite of freethinking). In fact most true religious teachings teach compassion and respect. I myself have chosen a Celtic pagan path but I respect Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jewish, Buddhism and any other spirituality, I also respect nonbelievers as it is your choice what you believe and what you don't believe but I do not like when people disrespect other peoples beliefs and I do not find this post appropriate as this is a forum for vegans and vegetarians of all religions and posting anti religious stuff is off putting and offensive. We all just want to get along and help the animals.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/11/17 18:06:08

    Congratulations! I believe you may have set a new record for personal insults in one post! And you claim that I insult you?

    I began working toward the reduction of suffering in the 1960s. I had my life threatened on several occasions for protesting against the Vietnam War. I had my life threatened when I worked as Animal Control Officer for a local Humane Society in 1977. I had my life threatened by a farmer when I suggested that we might consider reducing our consumption of dairy products at the University of Wisconsin in 1981. Had my life threatened at t he 1990 March for Animals in 1990. And I've had my life threatened by "believers" when they found out that I wasn't a Christian;

    The rather hateful rhetoric that you use reminds me of those people who threatened my life. Do I need fear an physical attack from you?

    My activism began in the '60s. I've marched for animal rights (which includes human rights), women's rights, free speech, the environment and against the perpetual war policy of the U.S. I've taught college courses on non-violence and vegan philosophy, and lectured on college campuses in seven states and the District of Columbia. I've been jailed for my work for animals. My books have been endorsed by leaders in the animal welfare/rights movement. Does none of this count because I don't believe exactly as you do?

    In the '90s, I wrote an editorial for the Jain Federation promoting the vegan diet, and received quite complimentary responses from members of the Jain thanked me for waking people up to the reality of dairy farming.

    I'm rather proud to say that my education is not complete. I've read thousands of books, but learn new and important things daily. I would never claim to have the final word on who is a "moral" person or who may express their freedom of thought and speech.

    Your admiration for religious figures is based on selective reading.of scripture and what you want to believe. Confucius?

    "One of the worst sexists was the revered sage Confucius. This respected religious leader said, "One hundred women are not worth a single testicle." This respected authority on how to live wrote in the Confucian Marriage Manual (551-479 B.C.E.): The five worst infirmities that affect the female are indocility, discontent, slander, jealousy and silliness...Such is the stupidity of women's character, that it is incumbent upon her, in every particular, to distrust herself and to obey her husband."
    -Meg Bowman

    I suggest you put more time into promoting vegan philosophy and less into attacking other peace and justice activists.

    And by the way, if you actually read my comments, you'd know that I am not a woman. My birth certificate says "male" and last time I looked I still am so.

    Have a nice day.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 02/11/17 20:59:49

    I do not see how my post was in anyway insulting or aggressive and I am sorry that you have had narrow-minded people insult you for your beliefs. In my last post I was only trying to constructively criticize your argument by saying that it is not right to insult peoples religions. Yes I do agree that some 'so called' religious teachers have said some messed up stuff and there are a lot of believers out there with tainted views of the world but that's just people, not religion. There are atheist scientists who do horrible things to animals in laboratories but it's not because their atheists. Atheism and religion have nothing to do with it. There are messed up people in every area of society. You can't just select a faction of society and say "it's their fault". Obviously religious people have been unreasonable with you but you shouldn't blame all religion because of that, that's where prejudice comes from.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/11/17 21:30:41


    I have read your resume and you are not hired for the job.

    One must wonder why an atheist would go through all the effort to get so many photo ops, posing in such cameo appearances to be seen with my coreligionists and to be viewed chanting protest jingles with signs and banners at other people’s political action movements. Are you promoting books or just trying to legitimize atheism? Your writing portrays ulterior motives.

    I previously had thought you a female because of your passive aggressive statements such as listing for us all the many times your life was threatened; as though such alleged threats makes your view supportable. You are such a long-suffering martyr at the altar of your ego and your book sales. Now that I see how long you have been self-promoting and propagandizing atheism as a recruiter, it is probably just your reduced testosterone levels that makes your argument style seem so feminine. I am sorry for mistaking your gender, but I do want you to know that intellectual transgenderism is not an established cause for you to profit from.

    In terms of insults, let us not forget that I registered the topic titled, “Atheism’s failure” where you dropped a stinky comment to then counter it with this current topic.

    You have humorously stated that I am selective in my reading. To support this ridiculous claim, you bring up Kung Fu Tzu’s method unexpectedly as though you are a native Chinese speaker which you are not or you would never have called him Confucius. As a non-Chinese person, you think you bear the right to use selective quotes to desecrate and slander this religion as well. You obviously do not understand this religion, you obviously do not understand this religion’s historic and cultural context and your attack shows us what you really are.

    You do not quote Kung Tzu directly, you quote Meg Bowman who does not have a clue how Kung Tzu’s teachings work. This is despicable.

    You have had jobs teaching just like millions of others including myself. You certainly glamorize yourself in this job; big deal.

    You claim to have read thousands of books. Did it really work or were they the wrong books?

    As far as your working for ‘The reduction of suffering,’ plagiarizing Buddhism is just another religious insult. This makes three religions you have insulted in this forum; Theism, the philosophy of Kung Tzu and Buddhism.

    You had a Jain moment and now you obviously view yourself on the level of an Arahant. If your vegan input had worked, there would not have been so many milk products available at lunch the last time I went to the Jain temple. Of course, you only wrote an editorial and do not actually spend time with these people nor follow their creed, you just profit from them with your endless thirst for photo op moments. If they knew how insulting you were towards God in your first statement of this forum by chaining God to an egg timer, your plagiarizing of Buddhism, and how insulting you are towards the wisdom of Kung Tzu, they would not want public association with you. Of course, they did write you a thank you note because they are very polite and kind hearted people; qualities you might try gleaning from them.

    Then you want to know what I have done as though this is a competition you can win. This is the problem with atheism. Without a soul, without a God and without a religious method all you have left is ego. You want to drag others off to your level of intolerance and ignorance so you will not feel so isolated in your wrongful ego centric view.

    Teaching, reading books, being threatened, and slandering noble religions does not make you right and it certainly does not make you worthy.

    Then you unleash your worst insult, that you should worry about a physical attack from me upon your life. I can only imagine yourself carving my name on your assassin bullets. Your pseudo pacifism should not include such passive aggressive attacks on others if you want any credibility. You obviously supported the euthanizing of animals working for the humane society, is this where you got that killer instinct? The real question is should I worry about you?

    If you want a real taste of truly vegan forum topics unlike your self promoting atheistic propaganda, read some of the ones I have submitted. I do address the vegan topic and unlike you I do not just mention it occasionally in passing.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/11/17 21:37:36


    I like your submissions to this topic. Keep on writing.

    This is the first time I have addressed you.

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