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Hi there. I'm a former vegan/vegetarian who "fell off the wagon" in the form of Paleo for some time. While my body truly felt wonderful eating that way, I soon slipped back into the SAD, and then through a series of spiritual experiences (that sounds presumptuous, but I think spiritual experiences are available to us whenever we are willing to open ourselves to them). I am now working hard on eliminating meat and dairy completely. I'm wondering how you all work to strengthen the mind/body connection when it comes to animals so many eat? How do you continually 'remind yourself' of the reality there, even when your body asks for meat?

I realize this may not be an issue for all, but unfortunately I am finding it a hurdle.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/17/15 07:09:39

    My firm support for vegan philosophy is the result of reading a rather large number of books, seen a large number of documentary films, attending a number of conferences and lectures, and perhaps most importantly, living with and around non-human animals...they are among my most important teachers.

    Once you realize that all animals are not just our neighbors but our friends, teachers and kin, a world of understanding opens up.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 07/17/15 10:32:49

    I would have to agree with ahimsa32fa. Being vegan has opened my mind and heart. I have made a decision and it is in my head that animals are not food, meat is murder and that they are not any different than I am. You don't eat your dog or cat, why should you eat a chicken or a cow? They just look different but are the same. Go visit a farm animal sanctuary and spend some time with those rescued animals and hear their stories. Above all, give them a hug.

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    Posted by eyeofasoul at 08/25/15 18:00:46

    If one truly puts the effort or wants to change it will happen, You mentioned the word awareness and that is a big part of it. Being AWARE of everything you do, at first it is challenging but as time goes on it becomes easier and easier before you know it is just the way you are. The human being is much more than most of us are lead to believe, it is capable of amazing things and transformation is one of those things.There are many practices that can help you along the way such as Buddhism or yoga but I suggest to you not to get stuck on any one practice . Keep an open mind and observe different practices and hold in you the positive aspect of each one . Breathing is an important part of this process it will help you become more aware. This might not make sense to you now but I guarantee that if you are sincere enough about it that eventually it will happen and you will never eat another piece of meat again!

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    Posted by Jaiprem at 08/13/16 11:48:46

    I agree with the previous comments, and can't emphasize enough how much yoga, mindfulness (awareness), and meditation have helped me. There is great information available in documentaries about the global food conspiracy (Netflix has loads of them), but the one thing that did it for me was the book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle (at this writing, he offers the audiobook free on his website).

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:10:14

    I've been an advocate of yoga, tai chai and dance as disciplines that can enhance awareness in many ways.

    Perhaps even more important is experiencing nature, first hand.

    Humans were once "outdoors" animals just like all the others. We have evolved, especially in recent years to being more and more "inside" animals. Instead of learning about nature and all our animal kin by being in nature and around other animals, we now (at least in western cultures) learn about nature from "nature" shows on the TV screen. I was fortunate that at least one of my parents encouraged me to spend time outdoors, and my favorite places have always been in the woods, watching, listening to and learning from the natural world.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 11/04/16 09:34:12

    Not much to add to what has been said. Except to mention that my body has never craved or felt the need for meat since I have been vegan almost six years. At just over two years vegan I had a strange craving for eggs that was very short lived, and probably had more to do with starving myself at that time than "needing" anything an egg could offer that I couldn't get from a plant or a supplement I still did not consume any eggs because my beliefs as a vegan were so strong that I just did not even consider eating an animal as necessary or appropriate.

    Over time even the physical sensations I used to get when smelling cooked chicken nearby went away. Even though on a mental and emotional level I was strongly vegan, I would get slight hunger and saliva when I would smell certain things like chicken cooking. It was purely physical and usually thwarted by the knowledge of what that meat suffered. Over time those physical reactions went away completely and now I only feel nausea and disgust when I smell any kind of animal being cooked/prepared.

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