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I think there needs to be a paradigm shift...You cannot battle the desire to eat meat with logic.

I became a vegetarian a long time ago, but it was not logic that converted me, but my inner conscience.

I think we need a new a approach.

A paradigm shift.

For example, when you turn on the TV, you are immediately bombarded with things like greed, feuding, and violence. There are always commercials for Arby's meat, junk food, and beef, to the point of desensitization. We need to infiltrate this. We need to replace these messages with positive, vegetarian messages, on a subliminal level, using their own mind control techniques to reverse the mental damage they have bestowed upon us. Spread the word, change is coming!

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/12/13 09:20:40

    Sounds great. Please spell out what will be done and how it will be achieved. Will it require funding? From whom? Aren't subliminal messages an abuse of animals i.e. humans?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/01/13 06:04:57

    I'd say that you can't battle the desire to eat meat with logic ALONE.
    All conscious decisions, whether making use of logic or not, are made also with emotions. The simple fact that one WANTS to make a choice is an emotional process.
    You're right on, in recognizing the need for a paradigm shift.
    I go into great detail about this in my last book "The First ISM".

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/10/16 20:42:29


    I think your assessment is correct. We do need to reach people from a conscious level, a logical level, as Ahimsa32fa points out and emotional level, and this new paradigm shift level you mention as well. Longdrive is also correct that we can not use mind control.

    Perhaps this paradigm shift is simply accessing other methods and levels of communication. I clearly remember before becoming vegetarian a dream I would occasionally have. I was high on a mountain and there was a holy person in the clouds. Then I would hear a soft pleasing ding from finger cymbals. Soon I would awaken.

    When I became vegetarian, I felt I had accessed the guidance of a pure being who was a guru or something. I wasn't really sure. Then I visited a Buddhist Temple and on that day chose to become vegan. Later I flew to India.

    I do not feel anyone mind controlled me. I am not sure who was praying for a vegan world, but somehow it landed on my plate. I do choose to renounce many things now, and my happiness has grown greatly and in profound ways. I am not part of any organized religion, but I enjoy Jain, Buddhist and Hindu traditions after I 'veganize' them. I tell my Asian friends I am not an Asian Buddhist but a Vegan Buddhist. I say the same to the Jains and Hindus, Christians, Jews etc.

    No one controlled me, nothing possessed me but somehow the truth set me free in a very beautiful way due to the compassion of some very high being that I never met, do not know and only saw in an occasional dream. This may be the unconscious work that will free the world from the meat eating curse it is under.

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