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Krishna a vegan?

How is this possible? The ghee thief, the milk addict, the cow herder?

The story of Krishna is a very old story, many thousands of years old, possibly from the end of the last great ice age or earlier. This story was not written down until circa 500 BC when India was going through a great religious renaissance. Stories change over time. The idea of being a childhood ghee thief, although endearing and entertaining, goes against fundamental rules of morality for which an Avatar incarnates to uphold and protect. The idea of a milk addict likewise goes against Krishna’s teachings on detachment. The milk industry and the cow culture of India are the people who kept alive the stories of Krishna for so many years before they were finally written down and sometimes things change over time.

The Hindu Scriptures are divided into categories that include Shastras, Sutras and Puranas. The Puranas are basically folktales. Folktales are very important to Hindu culture because these are the actual application of Hindu philosophy. The Upanishads read very much like folktales or Puranic literature. The folktales of a lactarian culture does not acknowledge anything but lactarian history and behavior. The Krishna Puranas integrated into the Srimad Bhagavatam when it finally was written as a text. One clue to Krishna’s true vegan nature is found in the 9th Canto 26th verse of the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna, who presents as God, states that the appropriate offerings to God are a flower, a leaf, fruit or water; all are absolutely vegan offerings. Why did he not include ghee and milk? Even Maha Vishnu, according to Vaishnava beliefs, rises from the ocean of milk. There is no mention of him drinking a cup. Being vegan is what differentiates men from Gods.

Om Vegan Krishna Ki Jaya.

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