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Jesus loves all animals and good people!He was a vegetarian and was and is the son of god.

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 12/15/13 13:25:01

    Same thing as in your previous posting. You must be able to back up what you say with facts and no factual evidence exists. We can speculate all we want but without the ability to travel back in time we will never know the truth.

    Most people who believe Jesus existed think he was a white guy which makes no sense for the region he was alleged to have existed in. The point is so many myths exist and there is no way of finding the truth.

    Our goal should be to spread the truth because the industries and people that abuse animals are always lying and putting out false information. We need to take the moral, ethical and factual high ground always because we have a great arsenal of truth and it does not need to be clouded.

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    Posted by veganmafia at 12/17/13 15:32:33

    Jesus was Jewish and He ate fish and other traditional Jewish meals. Jesus is Awesome of course! But Jesus was not a vegetarian.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 12/26/15 10:39:44

    Genesis 1-29 is the only 'Word of God' in the Bible and Torah whereby God declares all humans and animals are created to be vegan. To be in the full presence of God one must be vegan. This was said in the purity of truth by God before the fall of man.

    Jesus would not go against the singular commandment made by God himself. This is not Moses' commandment for the Jews, nor Jesus' commandment for the people of his time, nor a king, nor a prophet nor a disciple. This is God talking.

    Anyone who says they are Christian or Jew and are not vegan are frauds. Genesis 1-29 is that important, and Jesus would certainly have lived up to it. What the translators and story tellers did to his biography under Constantine's authority may be a different story all together.

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