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I just heard a proclomation that "Christ was vegan" on the Go Vegan Radio show. I had heard from other sources in the past that the government covered up Jesus's vegetarianism. Have others heard of this? It makes sense that he would have been avegetarian condering "Thou shat not kill" is a commandment. It also is conceivable that the governmetn and meat/fish industry would want to have a fact such as this omitted.

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    Posted by kamarnut at 02/17/08 16:31:24

    What about when he feeds the 5,000 with fish?

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 02/18/08 11:50:01

    Kamarnut, here is an informative site:
    and the 16 April 2006 interview on go vegan radio:

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    Posted by brandon casey at 09/04/08 14:53:23

    But why would jesus be a vegan if God told people to "Arise, Kill, and Eat." - Acts 11:7 and why would God say that if one of his commandments is "thou shall not kill"? and In Genesis 9:2 God says, "The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands. Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it."

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/04/08 16:34:07

    This topic keeps coming back!

    With the usual horrible translations of the ancient Hebrew / Aramaic.

    Jesus believed in simple living and nonviolence, and felt that this was part of the law of God. Jesus was undoubtedly vegetarian, since this was the original teaching of Jewish Christianity. Jesus did not bring a new theology, but rather a radical understanding of the law. For Jesus, the law commands nonviolence; we are not to shed blood, whether the blood of humans in warfare or the blood of animals in meat consumption or animal sacrifice. Jesus risked and gave his life to disrupt the wicked and bloody animal sacrifices in the temple. But the religion of Jesus has been lost from modern Christianity.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/04/08 16:49:27

    mothersson2002 - great post - above is the full link for listening via Broadband connections.

    Few people present this as well as Rynn Berry does.

    Jesus's dad designed humans to live on fruit and succulent vegetables.


    Questioner who goes by the name "Meateater" - Yet another sanctimonious tree-hugger with no understanding of human physiology or evolution. Look in your mouth — there are teeth that have evolved for crushing plant matter and teeth evolved for the ripping and tearing of flesh. Additionally, humans have the digestive tract of an omnivore, not a vegetarian. Say you are vegan (isn't that someone from Las Vegas?) because of moral issues, but don't try to defend your lifestyle choice with bad science and dubious anthropology.

    Rynn's response - To say that humans have the anatomical structure of an omnivore is an egregiously inaccurate statement. The great taxonomist Carolus Linnaeus, (1707-1778), a Swedish naturalist and botanist who established the modern scientific method of classifying plants and animals, classified humans not as carnivores, not as omnivores, nor even as herbivores, but as frugivores. Linnaeus writes: "Man's structure, internal and external compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables are his natural food."

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    Posted by brandon casey at 09/04/08 17:00:45

    How else can "Arise, Kill, and Eat." - Acts 11:7 be interpreted? it sounds pretty straight foreward to me. And dont get me wrong i think veganism is the right thing to do but im not sure if the bible supports that.

    it seems that the ideal thing to be is a vegan because originally everyone was vegan and verses that describe the kingdom of God as a place where the lion and the lamb lay down together and dont harm each other. after the flood and the world changed and some people think that this change made people need the protein in meat more so God permited the consumption of meat. But still even if God allows me to eat meat i do not want to because i love Gods creation too much to do so.

    So it may not be a matter of salvation so either lifestyle could be fine. But the meat industry of today is much different then in the time of jesus. And God appointed dominion to us over animals and all creation so we should protect it and respect it. The meat industry and similar industries of today i think do not respect or protect Gods creation. So I think every Christian or believer in God should not support these industries.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/04/08 17:19:20

    "Then I heard a voice telling me, `Get up, Kefa. Kill and eat.' "I replied, `Surely not, Lord! Nothing impure or unclean has ever entered my mouth.' "The voice spoke from heaven a second time, `Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.'" Acts 11:7-8

    I guess that the answer it to listen to "voices" selectively - or we could be eating even crazier stuff!

    Acts 11:7 is certainly the "meat addicts" favorite verse - here is another "take" on it -

    What about the passage in which Peter is instructed to "kill and eat" all creatures (Acts 10:13, 11:7)?
    Many Christians, reading on, find that this passage is not a literal instruction to consume flesh. Peter, pondering this vision's meaning, concluded, "God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean" (Acts 10:28). However one interprets this passage, it does not require that we consume meat today.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 12/07/08 14:56:13

    Jesus was a vegan. See the Holy Lance website which can be found at ( Re sections entitled 'The Vegetarian Origins of Christianity' and 'Animal Messiah'.)

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/08/08 17:47:33

    Ha - link confirmed - nice blog!

    If Jesus does visit Planet Earth again he will surely enjoy browsing HappyCow to find good places to eat - there must be 600 plus 100% vegan places listed now.

    Many more needed - please make a point of adding any missing ones that you are aware of / new venues as they open .......

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/06/09 12:00:47

    I know for a fact that Jesus never ate meat. Prove me wrong.

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    Posted by Sigmund at 07/06/09 19:47:31

    How about Muhammad? Did he eat meat? I'm interested in finding out because I'm thinking of becoming a Muslim. I know Hallal meat exists and many muslims like kebabs, but is there an exception?

    And if Jesus really was a vegetarian, why do so many people eat turkey or beef on Christmas and Easter? They even make a point of eating fish on Good Friday!

    Nut-roasts are actually relatively new.

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/06/09 21:30:45

    Muhammad: No meat
    Jesus: No meat
    Buddha: No food
    Rama: Only mushrooms
    Zoroaster: [edited by staff-see terms]

    So you see, all of the world's major religious figure-heads were vegans, which shows us that they were also [edited by staff-see terms]. Do the math

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    Posted by ThunderHeart at 10/18/09 20:30:37

    Jesus was Jewish. One can assume that he followed the Jewish dietary laws which forbade the mixing of milchig (dairy) and fleishig (meat). Additionally, kashrus, the Jewish dietary laws, requires that only animals with a cloven hoof that chew their cud may be consumed, and only then if they have lived a natural life and been killed by the shochet with one stroke of the blade and a blessing said for taking a life. Fish to be kosher must have fins and scales and not be scavengers. In all accounts of him, Jesus fed the multitudes loaves and fishes. That doesn't sound like something a vegan or a vegetarian would do.

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    Posted by shearwater at 10/19/09 15:54:36

    Many Biblical scholars digging through confusing translations believe there's a good chance Jesus was veggie. The fact is vegetarianism was fairly common among early Christians. Saint James the Just, believed by many to be a brother or cousin of Jesus, was raised a Jewish vegetarian and along with many early Christians promoted vegetarianism as in line with Jesus' teachings.

    When Jesus fed the multitudes loaves and fishes according to the Bible he magically multiplied already dead fish rather than killing more. Could this be history's first instance of faux meat?

    One thing is clear. The way factory farms treat animals violates biblical teachings as does the way animal agriculture damages the earth and meat damages our bodies (which we're supposed to treat like temples). And the world's hungry are unable to afford the high cost of food inflated by the meat industry.

    Dominion over animals does not mean license to treat cruelly. It means we are to care for animals the way God cares for us. Old Testament prophets promise the day will come when all creatures will once again live together in peace. Considering the state of the world now seems like a good time to start.

    The temple marketplace grew up around the business of animal sacrifices, something Jesus opposed. His last act for which he was willing to die for was to destroy the marketplace. An animal rights act? But whether Jesus ate a plant-based diet or not, going vegan is certainly in line with the teachings of compassion found in all the major religions.

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    Posted by sunshine7 at 01/16/10 15:01:40

    broandon casey, here is link to explain.
    I know many meat eaters try to justify their cruel life style of consuming farm animal flesh by pointing to verse you were speaking about but animals Peter saw represent'Gentiles'.

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    Posted by mcshantihank at 04/04/10 10:08:00

    the fish is only a symbol i think (but i don't know) and used in yoga for many years. it is called matsya sadhana and is one part of the makara sadhana. read about it and you'll understand.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 05/07/12 11:13:27

    The Bible is a great book and there is much wisdom therein, but the Bible was written, compiled and corrupted by man.

    LOVE is the fulfilling of the Law.

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    Posted by Awakening at 05/11/12 05:41:22

    Seeing most of the disciples were fishermen, I suspect Jesus ate fish. He was also Jewish so he probably ate meat from time to time for the various Jewish ocassions. Unfortunately, the bible doesn't specify what he ate so we can't know for sure. The bible does say that the diet was vegetarian and probably vegan until the time of the flood. After the flood, all the vegetation had been killed so there was a period of time where Noah and his family, being the only human inhabitants on Earth, were allowed to eat meat. When the vegetation returned, it would make sense that humans would return to their natural vegan diet. Well, they didn't. However, science backs up our vegan digestion systems. Almost all diseases of man that stem from diet trace back to eating animal products.

    Former President Bill Clinton is a good example of this. His skin looked wrinkled and ashen, he had three heart attacks and had shunts put in his heart while on an animal based diet. He became a vegan and now his skin glows pink with health and most of his wrinkles are gone. He says outright that his diet was killing him like so many other people on an animal based diet. He says he feels great now with lots of energy. If an animal based diet was healthy then people who eat an animal based diet would be perfectly healthy and they are not. In fact, science proves that the major killers of humans such as heart disease, stroke and cancer trace back to a high animal product diet.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/06/14 17:34:15

    Jesus was vegetarian/vegan the fish was not real fish because Jesus was making it out of nowhere and so no fish was killed by Jesus and just because the apostles got fish in nets dos't mean they killed them I think they let them go again.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/06/14 23:27:23

    Jesus is a fictional character in a fiction book.In the fiction book Jesus went on multiple fishing trips with his 12 apostles and even eats some of the fish they caught:

    In the fiction book Jesus cooks some of the fish along with some bread, and invites the disciples to join him to eat breakfast. That doesn't sound like they let the fish go afterwards. It sounds like Jesus ate some of the fish. In the fiction book the fictional character Jesus is in: Jesus is not vegan or vegetarian.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/07/14 03:37:12

    1:Jesus is real and I have already reported to happycow about your rudeness against my religion 2:Jesus was a miracle worker and made fake fish out of his hand Jesus being the son of God did not harm anyone or anything.

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