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Hello everyone, I'm new. I've been a vegetarian since October last year (wish it hadn't taken me so long) and I'm currently trying products to see how soon I could move to being vegan.

I'm sure someone will have asked this before, but since you became vegetarian/vegan, have you found animal cruelty and neglect harder to process?

The stories I read these days (for example just read about horses dying due to being randomly stabbed/set on fire) those just make me despair and not want to live in this world anymore. And it's not just stuff like that but also about cruelty in factory farming/slaughter houses etc., the list is endless.

It's not like things didn't bother me before I was a vegetarian but now they just completely mess me up. I also started volunteering for my local rspca branch around the same time as becoming veggie so maybe that has something to do with it as I'm a bit more aware and more exposed to the results of cruelty/neglect.

How do you deal with your feelings? Would welcome any tips for staying strong/remaining positive.

Thank you x

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/12/15 08:09:23

    Welcome to the world of compassion.

    The more you care, the more challenging life can become.

    Keep reminding yourself what it takes to effect change.

    1- Awareness of injustice and suffering.
    2- Empathy with those suffering.
    3- Taking action to reduce or eliminate that suffering.

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    Posted by Veganmama101 at 09/20/15 05:57:36

    Hi I'm new here also! I've only been vegan for 2 months now, but as you stated I wish i had done it years before. I've watched almost every documentary I could find on veganism and animal cruelty. Including the truth behind dairy farms which was disgusting in so many ways! I understand completely where you're coming from. I wish the world had to watch what we have im sure their would be way more vegans in America. It makes me sick to my stomach. I use to get really emotional just reading about it. But that's what we have to do we cand be like everyone else who ignores the truth. I feel more aware of things going on. You're making a difference everyday by not eating meat or dairy. That's the first step.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/02/15 00:19:09

    I have always found animal cruelty disturbing. The main difference is that I was educated to associate it with farming in more recent years.

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