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Hello Everyone. Please feel free to respond to this question: Does going vegetarian (or vegan) make you feel better as a person, spritually-speaking??

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    Posted by kimmie2072 at 05/08/07 13:14:56

    I will have to answer that question with a big YES!!!! Being a vegan has brought many transitions and it has opened me up on a spiritual level allowing me to look at life with a smile. I have opened myself up to prayer, meditation and I am still doing a lot of work on past issues in my life that need to be put to rest. I don't know what it is about being vegan / raw vegan. It just brings me clarity.

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    Posted by randomvegetarian at 05/08/07 14:43:46

    I have noticed that going largely raw does, but it's a difficult lifestyle to maintain if you are poor or don't have sufficient free time to prepare your meals. At the very least, eating a lot of fresh greens no matter what your diet does wonders.

    If you become vegan but are malnourished because you just eat tubers and bread all day, you're not going to feel very good.

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    Posted by mkpurvis at 05/08/07 18:19:38

    It definitely does for me. When I became a vegetarian, it was like lifting a big load from my mind that I hadn't really been aware of.

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    Posted by Shelley at 05/08/07 18:22:47

    My whole life has changed. Since I was worried about nutrition, I have learned so much and basically turned into a health nut. I have lost 20 pounds from diet alone. I am a much happier, more energetic person and feel so great that I'm not contributing to the needless pain and suffering of animals. I'm vegan for life :)

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    Posted by Terry B. at 05/08/07 21:08:26

    I think that, at least for me, it often goes the other way around. If you are trying to live a mindful life, you are inevitably going to be aware of what you are putting in your body along with the impact that your decisions have on the world around you. If you are able to increase your level of awareness, it is inevitable that it will lead to changes in your dietary patterns which likely will lead to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

    I wouldn't expect vegetarianism to lead to enlightenment. However, it is probably that on your road to enlightenment, you will find vegetarianism along the way.

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    Posted by Like_a_Saint at 05/09/07 17:24:21

    I support all answers given so far. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now, even though I am not vegan yet but definitely it makes a great difference to physical and spiritual health. After first 3 months of trying out vegetarian diet, to my surprise, some of my health problems disappear even though this wasn't the main reason for me to turn vegetarian. When I was meat eater, I always get mouth ulcer and easily get skin rashes when I feel cold and fell sick easily. All these are gone now.

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    Posted by ausjay at 05/11/07 10:22:13

    Terry B. said:
    "I wouldn't expect vegetarianism to lead to enlightenment. However, it is probably that on your road to enlightenment, you will find vegetarianism along the way."

    Right on target! In fact, this is the approach that certain Zen groups suggest to practitioners. Just keep meditating and become more aware, and you will automatically drop your baggage, including the desire to eat meat.

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    Posted by scout at 05/11/07 14:28:09

    Yes. I'm not religious, but now that I'm vegan I can take inventory of myself without flinching quite so much. :)

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    Posted by jimmydurms at 05/14/07 01:57:14

    in regards to mkpurvis.

    totally agreeing.
    it was as if i had been blind my whole life, and making the change makes you feel a whole lot better.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/28/07 21:15:36

    I usually feel wonderful - I do have one concern though - sometimes I think that going vegetarian at age 17 may have stunted my growth - now 30 years later I am still only 1.88m tall - I had always dreamed of being 1.97m. I hate having to wear 9 cm stiletto heels in order to appear to be taller.

    In the summer I will be visiting the UK - I have found a You Tube clip of a vegetarian restaurant which I would like to visit - - where is this restaurant located? - can anyone please give the address to me?

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    Posted by Tofu at 06/11/07 16:45:46


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    Posted by nirvana2013 at 07/09/07 02:11:34

    Absolutely. A change in my diet back in 2003, sparked by reading the Fit for Life books by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, led me to a massive boost in energy levels, increased purity of body and clarity of thought. Then something out of this world happened to me, I had some life changing personal spiritual experiences. Before this I was an atheist, so as you can imagine this has had a profound effect on me. I am now a vegan, eating organic raw food as much as possible.

    Love, peace and blessings,


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    Posted by vesalius123 at 08/15/07 09:36:11

    Absolutely. I haved lived around animals all my life and four years ago when i became vegetarian i felt so much better about myself spiritually.

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 09/27/07 21:19:03

    Being VEGAN and not consuming anything that comes from the suffering of animals really makes you feel good, it makes me feel more like my life has a purpose. Remember vegetarianism still contributes to animal suffering so if you really want to make a difference strive to be vegan:)

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    Posted by bad.sneakers at 12/02/07 21:25:24

    Absolutely.Being vegetarian doesnt mean you have have to give up satisfaction for food. In my case, the appetite is still strong,craving is in full throttle but being veg still makes my tummy happy-minus the unwanted fat ofcourse. Go veg!

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 12/03/07 10:24:19

    YES: physically, emotionally, and although I'm not religious whatsoever…spiritually within. I feel like a good, compassionate person. I also feel good because I know I'm not contributing to the premature death of animals or the abuse of them for that matter.

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    Posted by auungbong at 12/15/07 23:17:32

    Yes, I am a vegetarian and it make you feel so much more energetic and more happy about life in general.

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    Posted by voraciousbookworm at 01/12/08 14:34:06

    Becoming a vegetarian is one of the best choices I have made in my life, and it makes me feel great. I feel healthy and guilt-free because I know I'm not supporting animal cruelty. Not to mention many veggie foods are delicious!!

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    Posted by STEPcoach at 02/29/08 12:11:13

    After my MD told me I had a serious case of diabetes and high cholesterol,I investigated alternatives to meds and found Dr. Neal Barnard's book. I followed his vegan, no oil, low GI diet for three months and it cured my health issues. My Dr was amazed and is now on the same diet.
    Yes, this change has made me feel better. Aches and pains that kept me from walking or exercising are gone, along with headaches and fatigue and 25 pounds with no exercise regimen. I feel, look, and think better.
    WHAT DO THEY PUT IN OUR MEAT that just dropping it would make such profound changes in my body and mind?!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/29/08 16:17:09

    STEPcoach - congrats on your disease improvements and life changes! I work with diabetes, people with high cholesterol, etc, etc, etc every day and it's so great to see when someone takes their life seriously and changes it for the better! One of the reasons you are feeling better is the weight loss. It is amazing how much difference to our labs and bodies losing weight can make. Weight loss by itself will improve blood sugar and cholesterol. You are also not eating all the extra cholesterol from animal products and your saturated fat intake is likely way down. That will definitely improve your cholesterol! The diet recommendations for cholesterol are to reduce (or eliminate!) intake of cholesterol and saturated fat as well as increasing fiber, which I'm sure you've also done by going vegan. Also, people feel better when they feel good about what they eat for sure. I'm glad you're starting to feel strongly about animal cruelty, as well. Another motivator to stay veg!

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    Posted by darky_ at 03/03/08 04:29:56

    For me the answer is, mentally and emotionally it makes me feels better being Vegan because I am eating guilt free. . .I love that I am aware of what I am buying and eating, etc. So in that way it makes feel better! :)

    I don't feel MUCH different physicaly...I dunno, i think i do. Or maybe its Psychological...(?) Being Vegan is just great in so many ways. Maybe I get C0cky at times about being "aware"...hehehe! ;)

    I deserve to, like every other vegan...or VAYGUN! :P

    I know why i am vegan and everyone should be aware of cruelty!

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    Posted by rena at 04/16/08 20:47:45

    Becoming vegan was a life-transforming experience. I fell in love with the world and got an unbelievable self-esteem boost. I became strong, purposeful and determined. Although I am a complete atheist à la Dawkins, I feel such a link to the animal world in particular and the physical world in general. To that effect, I am selling my house and everything I own and getting on the Road in a travel trailer with my husband, two adopted greyhounds and four cats. I am embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage. It is when I realized how I added to the total sum of suffering on this planet that I decided that by becoming vegan I would immediately contribute to a decrease in suffering. Ahimsa became my motto.

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    Posted by dimitri at 06/02/08 09:02:57

    for me first is moral reasons and then all the rest,and yes meat influence everything in body,the way you think,your emotions everything even if you don't understand that,in my place the villages that eat alot of meat people are very agresive and tough,they use animals as trophys

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    Posted by darenw at 06/17/08 20:55:49

    Yes, but what matters even more for me is avoiding certain types of cookies, donuts etc. Something about certain types of flour or oils used in their making gives me a foggy mind later on. After avoiding that, a great salad full of deep green leafs leads to a happy, clear-thinking creative day with well-regulated energy.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 17:44:46

    I think being vegan makes you feel really good emotionally since your thinking for yourself and not giving greedy a-holes money to torture animals. Physically it makes you feel good since veganism is alot easier on the digestive system and helps prevent many illnesses.It makes you look great too.

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    Posted by Kiran at 03/07/09 07:10:25

    I think any time you are truly living your values, you are bound to feel much better.

    In this case, knowing that no one had to die so you could eat their flesh makes you feel much, much better. Once you come to that realiztion, you can see why so many people go on to become vegan because then you are more mindful of the suffering involved in dairy products. You also feel downright ghoulish thinking about wearing leather, carrying your money in a dead animal's skin, etc.

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    Posted by VeganBeth at 04/08/09 07:55:15

    Absolutely. Becoming Vegan was a huge turning point for me about a year ago. It was almost like being asleep and waking up finally. I can't explain why this didn't happen sooner, but it is my path now. Yesterday I was kind of upset because I was talking to dear friends who are flesh eaters. We were talking about how people are shallow and programmed, and I brought up eating meat. Was trying to make the point that most people eat meat because they have been raised to do so. Well one friend said something like, why is animal abuse being put ahead of humans suffering? Of course I am against all Gods creatures being tortured and neglected. But my path is for the animals. I wish I had more vegan friends.

    Was there a point here lol Yes. I am totally different spiritually,mentally and physically since I stopped eating animals. I just wish others would understand more.

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    Posted by luma at 07/07/09 16:02:01

    This has been a major milestone for me. Right up there with no longer drinking alcohol.
    This is something I've wanted the strength to do for about 15 years. As it happens, I got a case of the flu, and I just no longer cared for meat after that. I feel really good physically, mentally AND spiritually.

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    Posted by Susan E.Best at 10/14/11 17:20:10

    On New Year's day 2012, it will be 2 full years that I've been a Vegetarian. To answer the above question, I give a big fat YES!!! I cannot begin to describe how wonderful I feel.
    I became a Vegetarian because I could no longer accept that I was a hypocrite. I LOVE ALL ANIMALS more than life itself. I value their lives more than human life. I preached animal rights for years, but yet I was still eating meat and wearing leather.
    So I made up my mind in 2010 to go Vegetarian. it was the easiest and most rewarding choice I have ever made.
    First, I was no longer eating my friends which made me no longer hate myself. Second, all of my abdominal pain just disappeared.
    I was always bloated, my stomach was distended and always looking fat, I had a hard time going to the bathroom, I never had any energy...I could go on and on and on.
    After a good month of going Veg, I dropped weight, had energy beyond belief, no more bloating, I was regular and I didn't get worn out anymore from the slight exertion and the days of getting flu like symptoms and the common cold were slim to none.
    I personally believe that God is saddend by our attitudes towards his animals. Many people feel that they don't matter and they were put here only for us to eat, torture, abuse, test on and murder.
    I am very happy with my choice to become a vegetarian. I will NEVER go back to consuming meat, chicken or fish. I no longer have to feel shamed when I defend animals, now that I no longer contribute to their deaths. I also love the fact that my heath is wonderful and my chances of colon cancer are next to nothing.
    I know that being Vegetarian doesn't work for all...but it works for ME!!!!

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    Posted by Animal Matters at 10/18/11 08:14:39

    Absolutely YES! I wish I had realized sooner in life the impact I was making on the planet and animals but I'm grateful for waking up a couple of years ago. Everyday I know I am doing the right thing for the planet, my body and the beautiful creatures on this earth. I never get sick anymore and my soul feels great!

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    Posted by proud_veggie at 05/02/12 11:21:40

    A MILLION TIMES YES! When i became veggie, i felt amazing. Lots of people rant on about being mindful and compassionate while eating a lump of dead pig! I am a quite religious you could say, and being veggie has really boosted my self-esteem and confidence, as well as spiritually. My family have commented on me being a yellowy colour, and they say it is because i am a veggie. i am NOT going to ever go back to being a meat eater. being veggie is a life decision, but does any know any how to get enough calcium in my diet? (i dont eat dairy) thanks

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 05/07/12 10:54:38

    Broccoli has more absorbable calcium than cow's milk.
    Seaweed is a wonderful source of readily absorbed calcium.
    Are you British? If so Holland and Barrett's Super Chelated Multiminerals (vegan) are excelllent, if you want to boost your diet with a nutritional supplement.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 05/07/12 10:58:31

    Veganism is good for body and soul!
    Meat lowers the body's vibrations. Whereas pure food in particular fruit (esp. currants/berries) nuts and seeds raise the body's vibrations making 'you' more psychically and spiritually receptive.
    So if you want to get involved in reiki, spiritual healing, spiritual progression...

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