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Earthlings are blessed with devotion. This is not limited to humans but is innate in animals as well. Have you ever seen the reunion of Elephants that have not seen each other for a long time, or the devotion of a mother lion to her cubs?

Humans have advanced this positive emotional expression of devotion to create religions which facilitate its practice. People are disenchanted with the devotion they have rendered to other people that have betrayed their trust as lovers, marital partners, politicians and neighbors so they turn to non temporal deities to express their love and devotion.

What if everyone became devoted to vegan values? What if Vegan Religion gave the world vegan deities for their devotional practices? What if we evolved to yet the next level of devotion, no longer accepting the gods of empire religions, but developing systems of thinking that reflects a vegan cosmology? Can we work with devotion to create a better world?

This would truly be a spiritual, humanistic, positive contribution to our intellectual and emotional development. Vegan Devotion and Vegan Religion is how we can welcome pre-vegans to vegan lifestyles.

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