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I so detest the idea of abortion entering our political and religious culture as a topic that divides our nation and two party system with the potential for life held in the balance. I am beyond exhausted from the diatribes, the demagogues, the hypocrites, and the power manipulators throwing this topic in our face repeatedly. However, the time has come for one particular community to evaluate this topic because they are clear minded due to dietary considerations; free from growth hormones, dead animal Karma, mad cow disease, and animal husbandry antibiotics. A community that revers life so much that it refuses to eat any animal products. A community of people that cultivate morality through ancient practices ushered in by the great world religions, studies in academia, and personal decisions concerning correct life style choice. Of course, I am talking about the vegan community.

A government thinks it has the say over an embryo’s potential life because the street the taxi drives on to bring the expectant mother to the hospital, the hospital, the doctor or mid wife’s educational licensing and education etc. are in most cases provided by the government. The baby will then be protected by the government’s army and police, educated in government educational centers for better or worse and will grow to have a tax paying job.

Religious institutions think they have a stake in the matter because they do not see the baby as being born only by human endeavor. Sperm and egg only give birth to flesh and not to animation or consciousness, or soul they argue. Religions sees the child as a gift of the divine or a function of Karma and is rooted in transcendental forces of nature far greater than the parents. Religion has also suffered greatly for thousands of years to ensure concepts of love, peace, friendship, and hope will surround the child throughout life. Without the cultural contribution of the world religions, we would all be slaves of feudal war lords in captivity, for human nature and society gleans much of its goodness from long term historic religious contributions to our cultural development.

Women think they own the baby because they suffer greatly for approximately nine months carrying the child, giving birth to the child, breast feeding the child and growing the child into an adult. Atheist vegan feminists would incorrectly tell us that men are but a tool or at best a servant to these ends and for this among other reasons they should be opted out of the discussion. Certainly, a mother’s contribution to life is great, but carrying and birthing a child does not grant total control and ownership over the baby.

A father also contributes with his seed, his work, his money, his presence, and his love when he is indeed present to offer such illustrious gifts. A father offers discipline, morality, and guidance and is a contributor to the life of the child from inception until the child’s old age and death.

Just as we have a separation of Church and state in the USA, we also have a separation of bank and state if one looks closely at the Federal Reserve Board and the private banking structure. Who else carries the note on the house, forwards the money on a credit card to the obstetrician and offers an ATM machine to buy groceries throughout the child’s life?

Then of course there is the argument concerning the right of commons. Just because a judge decides that a hill of trees can be staked and divided into parcels for sale, does the judge truly bear this right? One might argue that America took the land from the Native People and by right of force can arrest, torture or bomb anyone who questions the judge’s authority. Does this force to coercion truly grant the judge the right to do this? Does the baby have rights as the ultimate arbitrator of its own life or should it be seen as unable to decide until 18 years of age and is that age certain? Likewise, do parents, governments, Churches, and banks have the right to divide the child into divisible percentages and choose if abortion should be offered or not?

Then there is the sadness of a woman having to decide on her own. With all these contending interests, why should she be so alienated in her decision making? It is even worse when abortion is illegal and back alley way botched coat hanger procedures are done in the dark of the night without an antiseptic environment, without love and support, and without social consent.

This is a spiritual topic not simply a political nor religious topic. What is the vegan view?

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    Posted by herwin at 01/13/17 11:41:05

    An individual should be in control of her or his own body. Point.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/14/17 01:20:12

    They should. This does not mean they always are. Does this include the embryo's body?

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