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Atheism is the rejection of ‘Theo’s, or God. The title of ‘Atheist’ implies that one who subscribes to this philosophy is living in constant response, a negative reaction, to Theism. This is not to originate a viewpoint, rather it is to denigrate another viewpoint, rejecting rather than creating.

Atheism does not stop with the rejection of God or Goddess for that matter, but religion, ceremony and their resulting cultures of music and art as well. This rejection and intolerance of Atheists usually stems from their inability to feel complex emotions such as faith and their inability to appreciate the depth of others feelings. To reject Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Last Super,’ Shubert’s ‘Ave Maria,’ Bach’s ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,’ Tibetan temple, Thangka and wall paintings, The Taj Mahal, ancient Jewish embroidered tapestries, the kirtans of Annamacharya, the literary works of authors ranging from Aquinas to Trungpa Rinpoche, ancient Greek statues and mosaics, ancient Roman statues etc. all because one finds religion irrelevant, thus exposes a lack of intelligence, sophistication, imagination, and depth. I have heard that an Atheist Chinese Communist delegate went to Russia and was offered a free guided tour of St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum and declined because they said they have already seen a museum.

Atheism reduces one to the role of worker and consumer only. Atheist communism refers to the human population as ‘proletariat,’ showing that there is no larger scope for the human spirit in the confines of Atheism. Gone are complex emotions like faith, belief, hope, grace, and transcendence. What these edifying depth experiences are replaced with in Atheist culture is work, consumerism, ethnicity, technology, and nationalism. What is missing is feeling, depth, insight, passion, and wisdom.

In the vegan community, I have found many Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, followers of Confucianism, Christians, Jews, Taoists, and other coreligionists but also there are a fair number of Vegan Atheists. The Atheists are the most intolerant group I encounter, readily stomping on other people’s beliefs, ridiculing other people’s cultures, and behaving like intellectual SS Storm Troopers who annihilate anything they do not understand. Unfortunately, this is taught in our universities and colleges as the only rational method of thinking; an intolerant and irrational viewpoint.

As a vegan, Jain, Hindu Buddhist, I view Atheism as but one more school of thought that can lead one to full and complete God realization. Some people need an empty cup before they can fill it. What I do not tolerate is the desecrating behavior of Atheists as they limit the scope of discourse to fit into their limited range of intellectual myopia. The worst are the Vegan Atheist Feminists who want the entire world handed over to them because they have agreed to this as a perfect model of power sharing.

Anyone who becomes vegan eventually connects with compassion towards animals and the environment which vegan lifestyles support. To make this compassion connection is to see beyond one’s self and find concern about the world beyond one’s ego. Atheism counters such compassion unless it is understood as a psychological, biological function that is vestige and must be minimized for national, scientific, or economic benefit. Atheists, in general, do not feel the suffering of others, do not find spiritual solace and do not express compassion. Instead, they are a cog in the state machinery seeking economic advantage. This means that Atheists are the first to undermine their own vegan purity by choosing economic pathways that reveal their lack of connectivity and feeling. These are the Atheist vegans who sell leather or animal products because they only are vegan for dietary reasons. A vegan Atheist lifestyle that rejects its own historic religious roots can easily abandon vegan social, cultural, and ecological values as well.

The reason for this abandonment of values is that Atheism offers no method for improving one’s consciousness other than psychology or psychiatry. Religion teaches morality, integrity, truth, love, and compassion. Atheists in general are swimming in a selfish soup of anger, greed, and ignorance with no way out, no life preserver, no ladder, no method of taming their own unleashed desires and no method of disciplining their actions. This is why under Atheism, purges and genocide increased such as with Stalin and Mao. As vegans, we need to not only convey a correct diet, but a correct way of thinking and being. We cannot convey this without practicing what diverse religions teach to find our goodness, our faith, our beliefs, and true love.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/25/17 13:43:36

    A little reading of actual history reveals that atheists, agnostics and deists were among the most vocal leaders in the fight for the rights of women, minorities, children, etc. Not to mention (non-human) animal welfare, environmental concerns and the anti-capitalism, anti-war movements and separation of church and state.

    Are you for denial of rights? are you pro-war and pro-capitalism? I would never deny you the right to your opinion, but you seem obsessed with attacking (and silencing?) those who don't "believe" as you do...

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/25/17 21:42:13

    Typical of the Vegan Atheist Feminist platform, the deluded interpretation of history in the comment above is promulgated by one who claims passive aggressive victimhood. This is represented in false, insulting claims of repressed free speech when she is in fact seeking to repress and silence others.

    I do not think that the Bolshevik revolution, the Soviet communist revolution, Mao’s communist revolution and other such atheist political action did anything special for woman’s rights. In fact, these atheist societies denigrated women. The Deists wrote slavery into the American constitution and did not allow women’s suffrage until it was first introduced in the late 19th century in a limited fashion in Wyoming, and later nationally not until the early 20th century. Nice try Ahimsa32fa.

    Rights are illusions of language introduced as law to limit and contour one’s natural freedom. I do not deny that governments all over this planet seek to be the final arbitrators of individual freedom through the litigation of rights. I do not support the denial of rights, but rights are created by laws and have very little to do with actual freedom. In fact, governmental permission of rights enumerates permissible actions and thus limit freedom inherently. Personally, I prefer Dharma as the correct exposition of rights but that is not part of this discussion.

    I like how Ahimsa32fa tries to link pro-war with pro-capitalism. She probably believes that atheist socialists, atheist communists, atheist fascists and slave owning deists would never wage war. Such strange conditioned thinking; perhaps Ahimsa 32fa should read a bit of history. As far as I am concerned, I am only pro conflict, including war, when it is the only expedient means left to overcome a greater malevolent threat. In terms of capitalism, it is too consuming, ignorant and soulless for my liking but it appears to be the only current functioning economic system we have until it destroys all life on Earth, bringing it to market for sale. There are 3 Cs in economic theory; Capitalism, Communism and Cowism. I would prefer to participate in a vegan world economy where rights extend to animals and cows are not slaughtered.

    As far as Atheists, Agnostics and Deists being the most vocal in the concerns she has outlined, I must agree they are loud mouths. If you want to know about animal welfare, I suggest you visit a Jain cow refuge in India. If you want to know about ecological concerns I suggest you do a water sample of the Yamuna river in Gujarat India and then visit one of the many Hindu communes that run their power off animal dung. If you want to know about antiwar movements, look to the self-immolated Buddhist monks of Viet Nam and Tibet. If you want to know about the separation of church and state, look to Mike Pence.

    Ahimsa32fa then launches the ‘big atheist bombshell of an insult.’ She says I believe in something! Oh no! Ahimsa32fa is a fallen individual who has no faith, believes in nothing and trusts no one as she launches her personal conquest campaign of living at the expense of others tossing insults out along the way. Beliefs or at least a practice of meditation could help her tremendously to find the goodness in others instead of pitting herself against others.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/26/17 14:01:35

    Thank you so much for this additional barrage of insults. Ever heard of the psychology term "projection"? Is tolerance of other views forbidden in your personal belief system? Just askin'...

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/26/17 21:33:56

    Here we go with more passive aggressive victimology. I suppose we should all clamor for forgiveness and submit to Ahimsa32fa's morally vacuous atheist view. In fact, it is Ahimsa32fa who is insulting by not addressing any of the topical points but rather defending her wrongful view by insulting me with a non defined term of 'projection.' Is Ahimsa32fa a psychologist who can make such a diagnosis? I did not hire her. This type of name calling is typical of her intolerance. It is also typical for atheists to grope in the dark, clutching at the cloak of their only acceptable atheist spiritual guru, the psychologist. How sad.

    I noticed in her previous remarks she tried to shift the discussion from atheism to politics. She did bring up the division of Church and state. Here is something vegan to chew on. The division of Church and state is not atheistic. Politically implemented atheism is absolute eradication of all religion by torture, imprisonment, execution and organ harvesting as practiced in communism. The division of Church and state facilitates religious freedom. There is a difference. Atheism is not a religion although it seems like one and is certainly cult like and so it is not protected nor monitored under this statute.

    If we are to talk of politically implemented atheism, let us talk of atheism's darling. It is a nation apparently known for persecuting people of all religions and throwing them in slave pits where they are barely given one bowl of rice a day, one cup of water a day, manacled to stalls that are rarely cleaned where they are beaten, raped, forced into sexual pairing for the manufacturing of babies to be used in organ harvesting, tortured and worked to death. I am talking about the lovely North Korea.

    It seems that Kim Jong-un has replaced God with his narcissistic ego. This is typical of atheists. Without any sort of religious devotion nor notion of God nor Goddess, they frequently fall to ego worship of themselves, their work, their accomplishments and their demented political leaders. I think Ahimsa32fa should consider moving to North Korea so she can be with her people in solidarity.

    Earlier in my comments I mentioned Mike Pence concerning this fore mentioned division of Church and state. Although the institutions of religion are to be separate from normal government legislation, the people who are wise enough to study religion may hold office. Mike Pence is our Vice President of the United States of America. I do not necessarily agree with his political philosophy, and I may not practice his religion, but I am proud that a fellow American has the freedom to practice his religion and I will honor him as my duly elected Vice President.

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    Posted by LyssaBoo at 02/05/17 07:59:23

    I am truly sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you so jaded towards atheists. Not that there are not crazy extremist atheist out there, but the same can be said of any religion or group of people. There will always be someone how takes things too far, but an entire group should not be judged based off the actions of one or a few.

    It is possible to empathize with others, to feel compassion without being religious. Morals, ethics, basic human decency, these things all still exists within each of us, the difference is without religion your environment and experiences will shape them. So yes, you get a few wackjobs, but please do not disparage what u do not understand. Instead of looking at what a person does or does not worship, why can't we look at how a person respects their peers?

    Everyone is entitled to their own belief system, and just as I respect your right to worship in the manner of your choosing, I ask that you respect mine as well. I am new to this community, and frankly I was shocked by the animosity I read in this post. People are made up of more than just what religion they belong to, it is merely a single facet of an identity. Yes, for the devout it will be a larger facet, but there are many other factors that come into play as well.

    I am glad you have found a religion that lines up with your spiritual beliefs, and that should be celebrated. Go forth and spread love; look for things you have in common with others, don't just look at the differences.

    (sorry for spelling errors, I wrote on my phone at like 3am)
    :D :D :D

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/05/17 21:28:05

    Lyssa Boo

    Welcome to Happy Cow!

    Do not be sorry for anything in my life, it is not yours to apologize for.

    I am not jaded about anything. Atheism has historically established the most intolerant governments in history including The People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, The Third Reich, and others. Typical of atheist governments, they persecute, torture, imprison, execute and harvest organs from coreligionists. Individuals who are atheist mock Theism and Theists because the idea of atheism is to be “a- without” and “theism- god and religion.” Thus, the entire goal of atheism is to wipe out religion and its adherents. There is no middle ground with these people.

    You seem to think that “others” can feel compassion without religion. Religion is the source for all understanding for such words as compassion, love, peace, hope etc. Atheists did not devise these terms and can not comprehend them. Atheists cannot feel complex human emotions such as faith and belief, which is why they disparage such concepts. Atheists will use such terminology to gain credibility but their only goal is to destroy the beliefs of others, ridicule such practices and to end religion and Godliness through any and all means.

    You claim everyone is entitled to their own belief system. Atheism is not a belief system. It is the absence of beliefs and it is an attack on believing. There is nothing to respect with atheism because it is void of philosophy, void of religion, and void of beliefs. There is nothing to respect in atheism because it maintains no creative substance to respect. With atheism, there is only hatred and insults to address as the atheists seek to demean humanity by stripping it of its higher consciousness.

    Please do not be glad I have found a religion. I have done no such thing. You assume too much, perhaps you should ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions.

    As far as finding commonality with others, atheists only share commonality with atheists. They destroy all other allegiances. When atheists are a minority they demand respect, when they grow in numbers they ban public display of religion, when they assume political power they purge the population with genocide to rid the world of religion. Do not be fooled.

    Since you requested, hope you enjoy how I spread love through this response.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 02/11/17 21:26:04

    I think that both Ahimsa32fa and Star the magic vegen are both wrong and LyssBoo is right. Both Ahimsa and Star need to learn how to respect differences and not argue with each other like little children!

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/12/17 20:53:54


    Why would anyone listen to the petty judgement of someone named Hellhound? I enjoyed your comments in the past but you did not stoop so low as to judge others. Previously you defended the people’s right to belief, but now your Satanic name seems to reveal the true nature of your paganism.

    Not unlike atheism, paganism is a response to Christianity. The term ‘pagan’ is accepted by those who seek to oppose Christianity specifically. Hellhound is referential to one who accepts damnation rather than salvation. Paganism rejects Christianity and atheism rejects Theism; both are rejectionist and have little value in that role or beyond it. I assume Hellhound wastes his time casting spells and conjuring demons on his own way to the abyss.

    I was finding Hellhound as an ally, but the devil is no ally.

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/12/17 20:54:35


    By working for the Humane Society, you are diametrically opposing the foundations of the Jain religion. I suggest you look on Youtube “Shree Bhagwan Mahaveer Goshala, Davangere, Karnataka, India.” The Jain do not practice the euthanizing of animals. By not being honest to yourself nor respectful to the Jain community, I hereby add to your list of insults that of deceiving the Jain community.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 02/12/17 22:16:06

    First of all I'm a she not a he, secondly I call myself 'hellhound' because I'm big into computer gaming and I used to play a fantasy computer game called neverwinter nights where there where hellhounds (They where very effective at killing zombies) so being the nerdy teenager that I am I named my username hellhound. The name hellhound has nothing to do with my spirituality as a pagan. Pagans do not worship Satan or believe in him for that matter and pagan is a word used to describe ancient Celtic and native American shamanistic religions that predate Christianity therefore we are not rejectionists, we are just practicing a different religious path. As for conjuring demons, I have never done it and I never will. My pagan religious practices involve giving thanks to the earth and honoring the divine in all things as well as praying to Celtic gods to help and guide me. I am sorry if my post on this forum offended you but I am getting annoyed with all the arguing on this site and I am concerned for other happycow users who might be offended at some of the things said and put off the site. My intentions are pure and I am just offering my own opinion in hope that it will resolve the situation. As for being an allie, I am not an allie or an enemy as that implies that I am engaging in conflict in which I am not, I am just trying to help resolve the situation. I apologize again for being rude in my comment.

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/13/17 21:01:55


    I admire your desire to serve as a peace maker. I also apologize for assuming your previously unannounced gender.

    However, despite what you have stated, I have interacted extensively with the pagan, Celtic, wiccan, shamanistic and tribal religious societies. Although there are many good people involved in these traditions, as I assume you may well be, there are many followers of these traditions that conduct animal sacrifices, human sacrifices, spell casting, cursing and black magic. The abuse of religion is an old story and it is certainly not limited to these traditions. Sorry that my previous posting resembled the terse view of a medieval inquisitor, but your name Hellhound led me to find out what you are made of and what your intentions may be.

    Just because, as you have stated, these traditions are older than Christianity does not mean they are in the service of goodness. In many instances these traditions ended for a reason. The fact that people as yourself are resurrecting these practices, often in a more humane fashion, does not mean that ‘demons,’ as you have termed it, are not being conjured. Demons are adept at hiding their identity and intention.

    The practice I am involved with currently also does not acknowledge a devil. Unlike yours, it has always been a vegan spiritual practice. This, however, does not mean that I should lose vigilance due to the beguiling nature of negativity.

    I agree with you, we should be far more concerned with veganism rather than fighting in this vegetarian platform. I have rendered many vegan topics putting this concern into practice. I have found that Ahimsa32fa has submitted many atheistic submissions without any analysis aimed towards a greater vegan enlightenment. As I have written, atheism is purely destructive to Theism. Atheism is a critique of Theism and has no creative culture of its own.

    I wrote previously that paganism also is rejectionist from a Christian viewpoint. However, I know there is a creative culture beyond such rejectionist tendencies. As you have stated, you pray to Celtic gods which means that you are not purely destructive towards the Abrahamic imperative but sustain a creative practice as well.

    One large difference between my practice and yours is that I am part of a reformistic tradition that is part of a contiguous religion that is also older than Christianity. Your tradition died, like the Latin language, and is now being recreated. Unfortunately, this means that modern pagans and Celtic practitioners do not know how to practice the ancient ways of their tradition and they do not know what cause and effect this newly resurrected version may bring. This is why I do not personally honor these traditions.

    I also do not seek an ally nor an enemy in these proceedings, only the truth. If you do not like how the truth is revealed because you view this process as filled with conflict, I recommend you excuse yourself from the debate.

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