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Vegan / Vegetarian Discussion - All Things Veg*n Forum

The next World Day for the Abolition of Meat will be held on 30th January 2010.

The World Day for the Abolition of Meat is intended as a means of promoting the idea of abolishing the murder of animals for food. Worldwide six million sentient beings are killed for their meat every hour! That figure doesn't even count the fish and other sea animals, which of course are included in the demand for the abolition of meat. Meat consumption causes more suffering and death than any other human activity and is completely unnecessary.

Many groups will mobilize to promote the abolition of meat (and other animal products). They will not only advocate vegetarianism and veganism to individuals but will call for society to abandon the practice of killing animals for food. We hope that this initiative will strengthen the animal rights movement over the years. It is important to address people not only as consumers but also as citizens like the anti-slavery activists who, although only a small minority, not only sought a boycott of sugar produced by slaves but also clearly expressed the idea that slavery should be banned. It is important today to question society as a whole about the murder of animals for food so that it can no longer avoid a public debate on the legitimacy of this practice.

On 31 January conferences, street actions, leafleting and information stands will be organized to spread the idea that the consumption of meat cannot be justified ethically and should therefore be abolished just as human slavery was in its time.

Here is the video of an original action that can be used for the world day, made by Swiss activists in 2007 (other groups are welcome to use the same format):

Your actions can be reported on this website:

Send us an email if you plan something in your town:

Responses (3)

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    Posted by at 12/04/09 17:56:37

    I don't eat meat and I eat as little dairy as possible, and get eggs from a neighbor whose chickens are happy. I see a lot of strident preaching on behalf of the animals slaughtered and abused in industrial production facilities, which I know is awful. I think that people who are habituated to eating meat daily see these rants and feel it's hopeless. They can't imagine going from where they are to pure veganism. I really think they need to be encouraged to try some vegetarian meals for taste, low cost and ease of preparation. We might ultimately save more animals by taking a moderate approach than hardlining it and converting very few people.

    Lynn Shwadchuck
    Diet for a small footprint and a small grocery bill.

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    Posted by antishitstem at 12/11/09 14:54:07

    Some activist material is now available on the website:

    The aim of this day is more to create a public debate on the question of killing animals for food.

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    Posted by Chia at 12/14/09 22:43:41

    I agree with that, "We might ultimately save more animals by taking a moderate approach than hardlining it and converting very few people."

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