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When are one of you vegan pubs gonna get a tv so that us jocks can enjoy a burger, beer, and a sports game of any type. I am so damn desperate for this combo I will watch F***ing Darts for crying out loud. You don't have to keep the Tv on all day! Oilers night!?
Please just expand your horizons a bit here people. This whole vegan thing is not taking off and this is just another reason why. I am embarrassed to take my non-vegan friends to your establishments because you are all way too extreme in your approach. Your artzy fartzy atmospheres are boring the hell out of me and turning my friends off from even considering walking and trying your food. Not all artists paint, play music, or write poetry. I take my art to the ice, to the playing field. Jocks can be creative artists too! ugh.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 01/16/16 11:57:21

    To be fair this is mostly for establishments in Canada. I know the US is turning a new leaf and if I could get the right documents I'd be there in a heartbeat!

    Canadians are way behind. Not even our our 'most' vegan city has a vegan sports bar (Vancouver).

    It's a big deal! Ya so what there will be advertisements promoting meat and dairy etc. We need a wider demographic!

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    Posted by GOLGO13 at 01/16/16 18:29:30

    I love watching darts. This year's world championship was awesome. I play in a dart league though.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/02/16 10:16:53

    Darts are lame. I am talking team sports; Hockey, Baseball, and Football (Where the ball is a footlong and the most important play is a punt for which a kick and foot are involved.) Soccer is okay but players act whimpy and dive and embellish everything. Not something the majority of people here in Canada give a damn about. Plus it is always on in the morning here so I don't care to be drinking at that time anyhow.

    Praying that someone will open a true Vegan Sports Bar. Sick of all the 'Chic' and 'hipster' atmospheres. Time to give in a little bit otherwise Vegan will fail. Nuh mean?

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    Posted by Woodoo at 02/06/16 21:25:38

    Great idea iof vegan sport bar ) sounds something healthy ) never met something of the kind ) I start thinking of such start up )

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/24/16 08:54:54

    I hope you do start one. I am thinking about starting one myself. Something with comfort food, vegan beer and drinks, specials on game-days, etc. I also have a few extra ideas but they are secret!

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    Posted by Peteyisahappycowdog at 04/12/16 03:50:38

    In NC we have a burger place called PTs Grille, yes they serve meat burgers, but they also have two types of veggie patties that you can have subbed to any burger on the menu or create your own with any toppings. They have sports on multiple TVs, a bar, beer, darts.

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