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i just bought wheat grass juicer and i really got shock drink the juice the first days,dizzy and vomit feeling, i read about 30 ml as some other post i saw even 300 and 400 grams!! any idea regarding the quantity?

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    Posted by Chia at 06/19/07 10:55:09

    Hey Dimitri. I've had wheatgrass shots many times before, a small serving each time/day, about 1-2 ounces. Wheatgrass has a very strong, distinct taste. Sometimes I feel nauseous from drinking it, too. Though I believe it is totally safe. I've not had problems. In fact, there are natural health clinics that prescribe wheatgrass to patients with various dis-eases. Maybe you will get used to it soon, and it will taste sweeter each time. Bye.

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    Posted by jocow at 06/19/07 12:33:07

    I think that the nausea associated with wheat grass juice is the same nausea that I feel if I can't wait until I get home to try some of the lacinato kale that I just bought. I'm just guessing, but I think that the power greens being so vitamin-rich, they do the same thing as if you take a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/19/07 21:59:11

    Wheatgrass juice is very , very safe in my personal experience - I first grew / used it in 1982 & still have it at least once each week - mix it with carrot / apple / pear etc. to reduce the "kick". Not as much as 300 to 400gms though - with that much I would start to grow horns & make "Mooing" sounds! NOTE be careful with using "Rejuvelac" - the water from soaked / fermented wheat grain promoted in 70's / 80's books of Viktoras Kulvinskas / Ann Wigmore / Hippocrates Health Institute & related people - especialy in "Survival in the 21st Century" - Rejuvelac has been a cause of stomach / digestive problems for many people.

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    Posted by pst at 06/20/07 05:19:03

    I have found that in some cases the base of the wheat grass was supporting some mold, although not enough to smell or taste. I think you can read some additional info on potential perils of wheat grass by googling or from the Evergreen wheat juice web site. I prefer Evergreen frozen wheatgrass juice as it tastes pure and I have never had the nausea associated with the shots I buy in health food stores.

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