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Im a new vegetarian, i do eat fish, and eggs and cheese

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    Posted by IWantSunshine at 02/27/14 04:48:23

    Alive multivitamins are said to be all vegetarian/vegan. See them here:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/27/14 06:26:52

    I like what Dr. Norman Shealy said forty years ago...
    "Rather than spend your money on vitamins and supplements, buy a good book on nutrition and spend the rest on healthy food".

    Shealy was the founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.

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    Posted by Laylah at 03/03/14 06:04:37

    I supplement B vitamins only.

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    Posted by Shailluis at 06/29/14 23:27:26

    I like viaminC because all the products of vitamin C are juicy.......

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/06/14 13:38:15

    Hi Christy. With your current pescetarian / ovo / lacto diet you should be pretty good, as long as you are also getting a healthy mix of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As you begin to cut out the animal products you may need to start thinking a bit out of the box compared to what you are used to, but even once you go full Vegan, a healthy and thriving diet is easier without Vitamins.
    A good rule of thumb is "4 Colors". this just means that at each meal you should strive for a MINIMUM of 4 different colors on your plate. This doesn't mean beige, brown, dark brown and tan - think more - Bright Red, Orange, White and Green - or Purple, Yellow, Green and Brown.
    Also - if you are feeling a specific lack of some particular vitamin or nutrient, I think I would also recommend a good book on (veg/an) Nutrition and then trying to supplement the things you feel you need with whole foods and fresh processed (smoothies/juices etc.) foods rather than vitamins. A book I recommend is "Healing With Whole Foods", but there are a lot of good choices out there, and you can get a lot of good recommendations by exploring some of the forum and blog posts on the Happy Cow Site.
    As for me - besides going beyond the "4 Color" rule, I also weekly enjoy using;
    Nutritional Yeast - B Vitamins
    Flax Seed Oil - Omegas
    Spirulina - Iron and Chlorophyll
    - Also - a great natural way to make sure you're getting all the vitamins you need is by making juice from Irish Sea Moss / and or Grass. Sea Moss Juice has something like 92 vitamins and minerals / and Grass juice (chlorophyll) has 72 vitamins and minerals including Iron. You can watch instructional videos about making these juices on Youtube
    Good luck and cheers on your path to veg health!!

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