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Okay hi guys. So I am new here.. I became vegaterian very recently, I am looking for advice. I live in the U.K. and I am wanting advice from (mainly) UK veggies.
As you can guess by the title of this topic. I became vegaterian because of the documentary "what the health", if it was a documentary to scaremongour then that's surely what it did for me!
So I have some questions.
What are the big things to look out for on packaging?
What are some animal products that are hard to find n packaging that I really need to keep my eyes peeled for?
What do I need to know as a newly found vegaterian?
Where can I find tofu?
What kinds of tofu are best?
What about Quran?
And is there anything else I haven't cleared up? If so please feel free to inform me!

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    Posted by lillypond at 06/28/17 13:26:03


    After living in London for 4 years as a vegan, I can tell you that living as a vegan in the UK was super easy, and should be much easier as a veggie.

    If you are looking to avoid all animals products then look for this list:

    Peta also has a great list:

    Sainsbury's and Tesco carry a large range of products for veggies and vegans such as Linda Mccartney, which I really liked. Quran is not vegan so I never tried it, but most people love it.
    I think you ,might have to try and see what you like best.
    M&S, has a great vegetarian range (much more common then vegan).

    For Tofu, try to find a local Chinese/Japanese store, they sell the best firm tofu, otherwise most supermarkets will stock silken tofu (I'm not a fan).

    Try to find online a few blogs that will inspire you in the food department, It will be much easier for you to explore veggie world.

    Good luck :)

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    Posted by TARAMCDONALD at 06/28/17 15:39:18

    Congratulations! I'm a UK vegan (3 weeks in) but was a veggie for years. I'm not sure if you like cooking but if so I love the Deliciously Ella (vegan recipes) website as the recipes are really easy and I've never had a bad surprise with them. I think the Deliciously Ella youtube channel taught me how to cook as its step by step and now I'm much more confident in the kitchen making loads of fresh healthy food, hummus, pestos, stews, soups, pizza etc.

    I think you'll find being a vegetarian really easy as most restaurants have good veggie options and also a big plus is you'll save on your shopping meal as veggie food tends to be cheaper than buying steaks etc...

    I love pesto pasta, cheap & tasty meal. When I was vegetarian I'd still get a takeout food, I'd order pizza (without meat) loads of options, Indian food is great as its so tasty if you like spicy food, Lebanese food has lots of choice for vegans and vegetarians, Thai food as well, - but make sure there isn't fish sauce in the curry. Mexican food has a lot of veggie and vegan options.

    You could look at taking a B12 vitamin or fortified foods with B12 (its in Marmite) as B12 is the only vitamin you won't get from being vegan, you will get some from being vegetarian in cheese and other diary items.

    You'll get protein from eggs and diary if vegetarian, but there's also loads of protein from Beans, pulses (chick peas, hummus, nuts and seeds etc). Here's a link to more protein ideas.

    When I first went veggie is was strange at first, but after a few weeks seeing meat on other peoples plates started looking really weird, like a slab of grey when a vegetarians plate looks more colourful. If you fancy bacon, halloumi cheese is really great as very salty, tastes amazing and you can fry it slightly for a sandwich or salad, or add it in a mushroom or bean burger.

    Let me know if you need anything else, best of luck and hope you really enjoy this new adventure! For me I've found being vegetarian and now vegan amazing as I feel better in my body and am eating a rainbow everyday and finding new foods and recipes to try which really keeps it exciting.

    Tara x

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