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Hello everyone! My name is Miranda and I've been a vegetarian for over a year now. I'm looking to start a website that helps beginners transition to being a vegetarian. I want to get your input about what you think would be helpful. Would you like to see things such as recipes? Information on being vegetarian? Animal rights? I really want to make my website as useful to people as possible and I'd love your insight to make it happen. I want to help end animal abuse and convince more people to eat vegetarian and help others and this is my first step.You can email me at or reply to this thread. Thank you so so much!

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    Posted by pinkvegetarian at 03/29/15 22:12:34

    What I personally want is smart aleck responses to people that think you'll be less healthy (without researching!). Like something to say when someone gets 'concerned' about my health/protein. I've been vegetarian for 8 years, and I can't find anything to say. Some of my friends claim they are trying to help me from 'not killing myself by being stupid!' Anyways, a way to deal with other people would be nice! Also the actually animal rights admenments is help full, just toned down a little, I tried to read it and it took me forever!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/30/15 07:48:55

    I'm not sure if what you want is "smart aleck" responses. Depending on your definition of "smart aleck", you don't want to become like your critics and use insulting or demeaning come backs.

    I like to respond with comments like, "There are thousands of doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals who support vegan diets".

    If they challenge that statement, refer them to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine at

    Vegan books and websites offer countless ways to respond to questions or insults from the un-informed.

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    Posted by pinkvegetarian at 03/30/15 19:08:32

    Yeah, I don't mean being rude, but a way to show them that they aren't better then I am.

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    Posted by MirandaThompson at 03/31/15 06:11:18

    Okay thanks! I know I've definitely struggled to find a response when people snap at me that "bacon tastes good" or that I'm going to die without meat. I'll find some good responses. I appreciate the responses!

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    Posted by Mia1124 at 04/04/15 20:49:25

    Wow~ It is very kind of you to do that!I am sure that vegetarian beginners will love your website and help:)))
    I think people would want information of alternatives for dairy products(e.g.cheese, milk, egg..) and know exactly what options vegetarians have.

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