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So, a vegetarian for over 10 years here. Vegan for over a year and though I am a fervent sustainability advocate I have to say there are some things I just get angry about...

You see first off I always feel like being vegan is like being a Nazi or a pedoph. when you accidentally public speak out about your choice to not eat meat people jump on you as though it's evil!
"So, you think you're better than...."
"So, I'm supposed to feel bad for eating meat???"
"You're not one of those crazy animal rights protesting types, are you?"

And that's just from spilling on not eating meat, when you talk about not eating whey, honey, milk and eggs people ask you...
"do you hug trees?" And many other annoying things.

Furthermore, what drives me insane at times is fake vegetarian or vegan branding:
"e631" is not vegetarian, neither is whey or mono- and diglycerides. I just want to go up to the head offices of these brands and throw rotten eggs at them, I just get so incredibly angry when I think about it!

Last but not least other vegans or vegetarians who when they quit immediately eat the most ethically abominable things like lamb or whatever. I just get so angry at times. Being a vegetarian is not a phase or a trend it's a part of my life!

O.k. well sorry if I offended anybody. But please go on and help yourself. I donate to many NGO's that neglect environmentalism, but sometimes people around me just drive me crazy. Furthermore, I stand by anybody who is vegetarian even for one day, but still sometimes just get angry!!!

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    Posted by ladyb at 03/16/12 11:14:30

    I also hate when people get defensive and act like they think you are trying to be better than them. I actually had someone say that I was being difficult because I opted out of eating the meat sandwiches at a staff meeting. This person called me "not tolerant." All i can do is remember that i made this choice because it is ethical and not because it is popular. This probably doesn't help you, but it is how i cope.

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    Posted by Tomzie at 03/19/12 14:58:04

    I'm there ladybird! At my jobs in the past I rarely revealed being vegetarian. I try to change the world in different ways, not by inspiring a handful of people around me to change their diet. NO.

    I also agree with the ethics argument. As for me, the popularity is what makes it weird... Sometimes even on this forum when I see people overly active or start a blog, I can't help but wonder, how long will this last?

    But aren't there anymore stories on what drives you crazy ladyb or other vegans?

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    Posted by groovychick at 03/23/12 09:52:20

    I hate it when people ask "what do you eat?" and "isn't it expensive being vegan?" I also don't like it I'm going out to eat with my family and they make a big deal and they are all like "oh man, can you eat here?" They make it seem as though the way I eat makes life harder for everyone. I can eat anywhere! Fake meat also bugs me. Some of it tastes fine but I hate when people say "it tastes just like meat!" I guess it's good for people who like meat but don't want to eat it, but I don't really like feeling like I'm eating meat. You're right, why do vegetarians always eat like lamb or something if they go back to eating meat? Why would anyone even go back to eating meat?

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    Posted by CarrieThompson-Rella at 03/26/12 00:51:47

    Oh, but I totally understand what you're talking about! I think people just get defensive thinking you're judging them or something.

    I actually had a coworker this week imply that I wasn't a Christian because I don't eat meat. LOL!

    Oh, and she told me that "fish" was not meat. Huh!?

    I guess it's just something we have to understand is not a popular choice. I'm just glad I have places such as this to turn to to vent and share.

    Glad to learn to know all of you! :-)

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    Posted by Mike4891 at 03/27/12 10:22:59

    Throwing rotten eggs would be a little self-defeating, wouldn't it? lol, jk I actually do hug trees. It's awesome.

    I hear you. I was very annoyed when I was told "You're STILL vegetarian?!" only a couple of years after I started.

    People can be pretty ignorant.

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    Posted by Linda H at 03/29/12 03:06:33

    I live in a small town in Scotland and some people look shocked when i say i don't eat meat and i don't know what i'm "missing" and i "need" meat to survive!! It usually results in me getting quite angry! What did amuse me once was when a crowd of us were at a restaurant and i asked for the veggie dish, one of the guys at the table asked why i didn't want meat and i told him i was veggie, then he said, but do you eat chicken? Idiot!

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    Posted by alblaster at 03/30/12 13:18:55

    I get a little irked when vegetarians argue with people to stop eating meat because it's unethical. I'm a vegan so I know that being a vegetarian isn't much better than not one at all, but it is something so I keep my mouth shut.

    I also really don't like the American attitude(I am from there btw) especially when it comes to eating. The American attitude is "I can whatever I feel like, because I can" It amazes me that people think they can live in this fairy-tale world forever.

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    Posted by Linda H at 04/01/12 09:34:02

    I get most annoyed when people tell me what to eat and tell me i "need" meat to survive! I don't tell them what they should eat and i really resent being made a fool of so i never mention it unless i'm asked. I get called a "carrot cruncher" but that's ok, i tell them it's better than being a corpse muncher. I feel great being vegan, it's the healthiest way to be :-)
    I'm heading to Buffalo, and NYC next month and look forward to trying out the vegan friendly places!

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    Posted by karabgonzalez at 04/01/12 20:10:43

    I haven't gotten too much grief since going veg 3 years ago, but some family members have made a few snide remarks, thinking they were funny. It really hurt my feelings, because my decision to be vegan is very important to me and I thought they got that. A friend was recently hassling me saying that the vegan diet I'm feeding my children is insufficient and that she was concerned about us. She obviously hadn't done her homework and she was relentless! I initially made light of it,but when she wouldn't let it go, I told her she was out of line. If someone wants to have an intelligent conversation about veganism, I'm happy to engage. If someone just wants to be disrespectfu, pushy, or make fun, my go-to response is to say "live and let live" and walk away.

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    Posted by Linda H at 04/02/12 01:24:16

    My family are ok but i was getting a lot of sarcastic remarks at work by ignorant people who knew nothing about veganism, unfortunately once it resulted in me losing my temper! The workmate who made a fool of me eats a lot of red meat, especially burgers, and led to him having time off with stomach problems and constipation! The doctor told him his diet was causing the problems, it shut him up for a while!
    I say live and let live too, what we choose to eat is nothing to do with anybody else!

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    Posted by Tomzie at 04/02/12 12:32:28

    My sympathies exactly Linda "what do you eat" is so common. I went to rural Africa and there being vegetarian often meant that one wasn't able to eat chicken anything but chicken and thus entitled to. I respect their moderation in actually meat, but do have to point out it was out of sheer poverty. Having lived in villages I know being vegan sometimes feels like being a cop that dislikes donuts.

    Karab G, while on the topic of rural communities, just tell your 'friend' to shut up and go to Africa or India and then put her energy in convincing the millions of mothers there who don't have the means or will to feed their kids meat. That'll keep her busy applying her "genuine concern" for your children their well being.

    Sometimes when I throw the ball up with 'friends' about moderating their meat eating and ask a bit more about their diet they're like "BUT I CAN'T!?!" I need to eat meat" As for me at that point I just can't go on with the conversation.

    Excuse me but... as the saying goes do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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    Posted by LiberalVeganTeen at 04/06/12 16:15:34

    When you can't get a vegan boyfriend...

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    Posted by Alexia at 04/12/12 23:05:05

    my body has been rejecting any kind of meat now for 4 yrs causing whole body inflammation especially stomach swellin and constipation triggering auto-immune responses and cronic joint pain so for the last 3 yrs i have been fighiting this battle with meat and have finally won after watching the movie 'earthlings'. I am never gonna eat meat again and am vegan. I absolutely can't stand when people try to tell me what i should eat or i should try organic meat, as if i haven't tried everything under the sun. I am a christian and in 1 tim 4:3 it says meat is good and God gace it to us to eat. So it annoys me so much when people know i am a christian so they try to throw that in my face

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    Posted by TXpurler at 04/13/12 08:16:44

    The only thing I hate is that people attack you for a choice you made for yourself and forever being asked what I eat.

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    Posted by lradke89 at 04/18/12 06:29:28

    Defensive people must be those who have limited knowledge about what being a vegetarian is about.

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    Posted by killuhxjilluh at 04/19/12 13:05:44

    I love it when people "jump down my throat", it gives me a chance to give it to them good! Nothing makes me happier than educating the ignorant.

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    Posted by alblaster at 04/23/12 08:50:11

    one thing I hate is a very simplistic, yet annoying phrase. My friend would sometimes say something like, you can eat what you want. Or This is a free country. Or I respect what you eat. Phrases like these try to avoid conflict by stating mutual respect and asking for the same in return, but it can still come off as asinine. If I say don't eat X, he might say I don't tell you what to eat. To me that says screw you this is America I can whatever the hell I feel like even if it's destructive or wrong. I guess that I just don't like the American attitude.

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    Posted by Awakening at 05/10/12 20:59:05

    I recently tried to watch the documentary Earthlings. The few minutes of it that I could watch really solidified my dedication to being vegan. I sent a link to the documentary to some of my friends explaining that it was graphic and might upset them. So...they decided to avoid the experience altogether. I tried to explain that the point of the documentary is not about the evil that other people do so much as it is about how each one of us is unwittingly participating in that great evil. They just didn't want to know. That really bothers me. Eat meat and dairy if you want but atleast be informed. Don't just blindly stumble through life unaware of the carnage you are causing especially when someone has offered you a way to enlighten yourself.

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    Posted by Desertwife at 06/02/12 17:39:54

    I've been Vegetarian eight years, vegan about 1 year. I've been sitting here all depressed because I am a total outcast from most my friends and family. I don't push my choices on anyone but my Facebook page does promote vegan lifestyle and animal advocacy. I guess that's what turns them off. But their FB pages are full of what they believe fishing or stupid jokes. So since I was feeling all alone I searched and found this forum...Hey, I can relate to every post and don't feel so alone now!!!!!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 06/02/12 23:11:09

    Hi desertwife, you've come to the right place and you are not alone! And filling your FB page with vegan lifestyle stuff is awesome. That's not pushing it on anyone. It's just sharing what makes you, you!

    There's also a veggie support group on Happycow you might like:

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    Posted by VegDiva at 06/02/12 23:46:33

    I get some moronic comments sometimes, but I think time is on my side now as well as living in a very veg friendly city. After 16 years as a vegetarian, and vegan for I don't know how long in that time, I can prove to naysayers that this life style has truly worked out for me and it's not just a "phase".

    It gets better!! For those who choose to still be jackholes to you, they obviously have some insecurities of their own (adult bullies?) and can suck it. Stupid is an incurable disease.

    And I agree with the issue of not being able to find a vegan mate. I do hate that about being vegan.

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    Posted by JessicaVeggieGirl at 06/15/12 11:15:16

    I have actually had very few people insult me or give me trouble for being vegan if they ever have come close i am usually very quick to make a jab at there diets (in good humor though). I am thin and fairly muscular for a girl, i actually have a bit of a reputation among everyone i know as being a bit of a health nut. My boyfriend's mom had even asked me for a diet plan once. I really try not to push my beliefs on others though. If they ask i say it is for health and beings i believe it is the right thing to do. I actually tease my friends all the time because i almost never get sick so whenever they get sick i tease them that it is because they eat meat. I try to keep everthing in good humor and not be a preachy bitch about things. I think that always turns people off no matter what i being preached

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    Posted by ADRIANA at 06/16/12 06:41:09

    I think that if you become a vegetarian for ethical reasons you have gone through a certain thought process to get to where you are. I did this at 13. (26 years ago owch!!) I find it quite odd when people have not gone through this process and see it as an oppotunity to make a joke akin to 'you just need a good bit of meat' or some such rubbish. I actually find it offensive when people presume that I eat meat. Living in Brasil as we currently are and being a vegetarian has been an ' interesting challenge'. My two kids are vegetarian and proud to be so. I love to hear them tell people that they don't eat meat because they love animals!
    Unfortunately there are some people out there who haven't given the vegetarian question serious thought. If they had, I can't imagine how anyone with a logical brain has not drawn the same conclusion. Does that make me an eco-nazi or a biggot? Maybe....

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    Posted by AConferenceOfPears at 10/07/12 11:18:11

    I used to get very angry with people who challenged my dietary choice but over the years I have simply learnt to smile and say "Each to his own". I will answer questions if I'm asked them but I don't see it as my job to try to convert other people to vegetarianism. I object to people trying to convert me to anything, whether it's a religion or even just a film or band. They always seem to have an unpleasant arrogant smugness to them which I don't wish to emulate. I am content with my lifestyle choices and will happily explain them to anyone who is interested but I don't get into arguments about it any more.
    I really only get frustrated with people who ask me questions about it but when I start to talk about the realities of factory farming or battery cages, they say "Oh, don't tell me. I don't want to hear all that stuff. I don't like it" and then they continue to eat the products. I respect people who know the facts and then make choices they are comfortable with, even if they are not choices I agree with.

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    Posted by ilikeicream at 03/04/18 22:41:07

    The lifestyle of veganism has grown in our society today, because of this many question why people do this and how certain aspects of life are filled when veganism becomes part of someone’s lifestyle. These aspects consist of: food, lack of protein, the food industry, money and animal rights.
    According to The Human Society Of The United States, in 2015 and 2016 around 4.6 animals were slaughtered each year for human consumption ( Peta states that, “…animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devices.” With this happening in slaughter houses, people going vegan would lower the demand of meat needed to fulfill these orders, so less animals would get killed because there is a lower market for the meat. Peta also states that, “Antibiotics are used to make animals grow faster and to keep them alive in the unsanitary conditions. Research shows that factory farms’ widespread use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten human health.” These meats that we buy in our local super market are not healthy and have been modified and tempered with antibiotics and other chemicals (
    Meat is not the only source of protein humans have to fill their daily needs. Catherine Roberts from The Active Beat gives us a list of vegan friendly sources of proteins. This list consisted of hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, lentils, spirulina, bulgur, peas, tempeh, brown rice, sunflower seeds and nut butters ( These are all options that can easily be found at your local grocery store. Other proteins sources that I can name off the top of my head are tofu, vegetables and beans. These are also very accessible. As for food, there are many alternative options. Most things that are non-vegan have alternatives to them. According to Vegan Outreach, meats can be substituted with mock meats made from plant proteins. Dairy products can be substituted with dairy alternatives made from soy, rice, nuts, seeds, and plant starches, and examples would be almond milk ( When people think of veganism, they immediately think of raw vegetables, and yes a vegan diet consist of a lot of raw vegetable but vegan have an alternative for everything non vegans eat like veggie burgers, veganaise (mayonnaise), or earth balance (vegan butter). Vegans have a wide variety of foods they can eat too that taste just as great as or even better than non-vegan foods.
    The last subtopic to veganism is that many think a vegan diet is expensive. According to Emma Gibson, who refers to herself as the Vegan Woman elaborates on her post about how to be vegan on a budget. One of the things she states is that “Mock meats and cheese are not a must”, these mock meats are nice to have when you are first transitioning but are not needed for a vegan diet. “Get to know some beans!” This is another motto Emma has on her page to explain that beans a pretty inexpensive and are great in vegan diets. She then goes to explain that food that are less processed are cheaper and healthier. Going to your local farmer’s market can also save you money verses the supermarket prices (
    A vegan is an efficient lifestyle to whoever chooses to do so. There are many resources out there you can read/watch on if you want to get more educated about veganism. All the websites I have cited in my responses are also good websites to look at if you want more information on this lifestyle.

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    Posted by justinbillingsley at 03/27/18 23:39:38

    Being vegan has been a long and tough journey from me. I face stigma everyday, with people thinking I am judgmental and crazy. I made a blog, to help veganism look more accessible and less judgmental. Please read if you are interested, I talk about saving money and everything

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