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Hi Everyone,

My name is Champ and I'm the author of VegOut: Vegetarian Guide for iPhone which is powered by all the wonderful users at HappyCow who submit data here. I created VegOut because my wife and I (she's a chef at Pure Food and Wine in NYC) tour a lot and I wanted a faster and easier way to access the happycow listings through my phone.

VegOut was launched about a month ago with the gracious support HappyCow.

If you haven't seen VegOut in action, download it here:

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    Posted by webmaster at 02/08/09 17:06:17

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a clickable link you can use.


    Thanks Champ for creating it!


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/09/09 21:52:53

    Nice work Champ!
    Pure Food and Wine in NYC -
    Howard Stern on Pure Food & Wine -

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    Posted by VegBrian at 02/13/09 15:54:08

    I love your Application.

    Can we talk on the phone?


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    Posted by VegBrian at 02/13/09 15:58:24

    BTW: I Used it to find a great little place in San Francisco called "Loving Hut" that I had no idea about.

    Less than 4 blocks away!

    Love your application.


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    Posted by fgb362 at 02/18/09 06:45:40

    This app works on my iPod Touch, but not on my iPhone, where I need it most. I've reported the problem to Apple, and am awaiting their response.

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    Posted by blacksceva at 02/21/09 11:23:21

    @fgb362 - Sorry about that! Did you try the latest update from the app store? Version 1.1? Your problem should be resolved. Please let us know if you are having trouble still.

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    Posted by deannaelise at 07/05/09 13:00:59

    I love this! Thanks so much for creating it!

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    Posted by smm7 at 11/26/10 11:11:22

    I just purchased this for my iPod touch and it doesn't work.

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 12/01/10 19:25:31

    Congratulations! And thanks for creating this.

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    Posted by blacksceva at 12/12/10 19:22:36

    HI There - if you're having problems on iPod Touch or iPhone 3G with the version 2.0 software. Please update to 2.0.1 to fix the issue.

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    Posted by phunkboy at 10/23/11 10:25:51

    hi. thanks for the app. it seems great so far, except i can't see how to review a restaurant. i can read the reviews, but would like to be able to write one from my iphone after visiting a restaurant...

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