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Hi everyone!
Well im very excited that we are adding a new member to our family!and i was wondering if any of you have some good snack tips and or meals that i can incorporate in my diet for two. some veggies are hard to eat now because of the acid in them which isn't making me very happy, plus my spouse is stuck to me having to eat meat in order for the baby to get proper protin =( i really dont want to go there so if there are any helpful tips i would be greatful!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/09/08 16:09:30

    First of all, the idea of "eating for 2" is a misconception. You only really need an additional 300 calories a day for most pregnancies. That could easily be just a couple added snacks. You also do not need to eat meat! In order to get a good balanced diet I'd highly suggest making an appointment to see a registered dietitian to work out a meal plan that is appropriate for you and your baby. And congratulations!

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    Posted by bettenoir at 04/10/08 08:49:22

    Your dietician will most likely tell you that you need to increase your daily intake of protein and iron and calcium etc... but all these things are easily found without meat or animal products (especially calcium). Congratulations of course... apparently vegetarian women have a higher chance of having a baby girl but that's probably bullsh** :P

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 04/10/08 11:43:26

    Hi here are a couple of links I found regarding vegetarian pregnancy~!Also, has your husband been in to your drs appts. His or her endorsement of the diet as well as a nutritionist if you do consult on should help to conteract any misperspections your husband has regarding a vegetarian diet:
    (Here'sinfo for a vegan pregnancy diet)
    Some books on vegetarian pregancy can be bought or borrowed from the library. If they don't have it, ask to use the interlibrary loan if desired: Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook

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    Posted by emama at 04/10/08 18:06:17

    =) thanks guy's, oh yes my husband go's to all apointments..and i met with a nutritionalist but he still feels its not enough for the baby, im going to get those book and print out some stuff to show him that im not depriving the baby of anything, thank's so much!!!!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/10/08 18:30:56

    A good dietitian/nutritionist would know you can get plenty of nutrients from plant foods. What was the person's credentials, was he a registered dietitian? Lots of vegetarian women have healthy babies all the time. Besides, if an olympic athlete can be vegan, there's plenty of options to feed the rest of us! I'm sorry to hear you got some bad advice! I'd go get a second opinion cuz that one is bunk!

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 04/10/08 23:42:41

    Was it the nutritionist ans the dr or your husband that felt the diet wasn't adequate for your baby? Did the dr and nutritionist tell your husband that your diet is adequate?

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 04/11/08 01:21:57

    Read "The China Study" by T Colin Campbell. It 'll set you straight. Breast milk is only 5% protein. That's all your baby needs to grow the most in its entire life. there's not a plant on the planet that doesn't have that % protein.

    Protein is made of AMINO ACIDS. Protein=ACID if you want to dissolve your child go ahead and eat a ton of meat and liquid meat. I'm sorry that it takes so much self education to find out what is actually healthy! I've met TONS of health vegan babies / children and mothers! Stay away from Doctor Death

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/11/08 02:15:08

    gr8vegan - that is an excellent book, however, you have to keep in mind that people's needs change during their life span. Breast milk is best for a baby but wouldn't meet the needs of an adult. There is a misconception that we need more protein than we actually need, which is right, but we do need some protein to stay healthy. Eating too much protein can be bad for you, causing stress on the kidneys and other issues, however, having an adequate amount of protein is very important to a healthy diet. I think you have a misunderstanding about amino acids and their role in the body. There are many amino acids our bodies cannot make that we need to get from food. Without these amino acids, say if you went on a protein free'd die. Here's some sciency (that's probably not a word, lol) info on amino acids:
    The term acid is misunderstood. An acid is not always like hydrochloric acid. For example, vinegar is an acid and is good for you. Citrus fruits are acidic and they are good for you, too.

    I think your point is very important and meaningful. Protein does not need to be overdone (like we had discussed in that previous thread about the person who was getting into athletics and had been told he needed huge amounts of protein) and often times people are told they need more than they do, but I think it is important to share the science and importance of a balanced diet.

    emama -It is also important to know there is protein in so many foods that we eat. Here is a great resource on vegan protein sources and how to meet the general needs for most people:

    And speaking of, here is the vegan guidelines for pregnancy from them as well:

    and another one:

    (also some good info on feeding your child veg if you're interested)

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    Posted by emama at 04/11/08 13:19:09

    hey guy's this is so helping me out!mothersson- it is my husband that thinks that no-one can be healthy with out animal protein, it can very fustrating at time's because it's so important to me not to eat meat.And we have a six year old who clearly know's the difference between our diet's the nutrtionalist argee's with me that a veg diet is the best way to go hen your pregnant but he is stuck that she is crazy even though it's her job =(

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/11/08 14:00:16

    It can be really hard when people have an idea in their head that no matter what you tell them they don't listen. It may be a good idea to show him the resources in black and white on paper so maybe he'll see that you can eat right without meat! I hope he listens to you! It can be very challenging. Good luck to you!!!

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    Posted by emama at 04/11/08 14:10:43

    i'm gonna keep trying and stick to my gun's on this one =)

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