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Hi I am new to this forum and site.
I am a vegetarian. I am considering becoming Vegan.

I plan on becoming a volunteer at VegFest London 2016 on
Saturday October 22nd and Sunday 23rd October.
A great way to gain free entry and see the whole event.
i look forward to discussions and learning from you all.

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    Posted by SiYama at 08/30/16 19:13:13

    That's cool! After, share with us the experiences of the VegFest!

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    Posted by craigmc at 08/30/16 22:50:52

    Hey Jjboo, it should be fun. I went to both days at vegfest edinburgh last week and food it a really positive experience. There are a lot of products of varying quality but it gives you a great opportunity to find new food, and give you ideas about how to use these yourself.
    Th most enjoyable part is the people attending. I would say less than half the visitors i spoke to in Edinburgh were vegan, many vegetarian and people presently eating a little meat with thoughts on giving up.
    You will come away with a positive experience and it will give the confidence and belief you can become vegan if this is the path you choose.



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    Posted by knit-picky-vegan at 08/31/16 21:30:49

    I so wish I could attend!

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    Posted by Jjboo at 09/01/16 14:22:06

    SiYama thanks I certainly will.

    Craig thanks for feedback. I am looking forward to it.
    I am sure it will be a very positive experience.

    Knit picky vegan. I have my fingers crossed for you that one day you will attend.

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