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Hi well I've been wanting to discuss this for these past days because I need help, I've been vegetarian for 8 months now, I wanted to start with a vegan diet but it wasn't possible due to the situation. My parents let me be vegetarian and it wasn't really a big deal to them, but recently I've been wanting to make my transition into being vegan I recently told my mother about it but it ended up really badly, she told me she accepted me being vegetarian but told me she will never let me be vegan and will never support me, today she told my dad about it and it ended up with them telling me they won't buy me anymore stuff like makeup, stuff I need and the already vegan food I was buying, they also told me it was all just in my head and that it's bad to be vegan and that its just a phase, I just feel really hurt right now and don't want to go back to eating dairy products the only dairy product I was eating was cheese it just doesn't feel right to consume dairy products but what should I do ?

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    Posted by vegnbee at 01/15/17 15:21:50

    I had a similar experience when I first spoke to my mother about transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, she was reluctant and not happy about it at all, but she came around eventually and I've been vegan for over 3 years now.

    What exactly is the problem they have with it, are they worried about your health? Or just think it's an overall bad idea? You could look for some documents or reading materials that have information about veganism in, it's always hard to agree to something that you're uneducated on or don't know much about (as I assume they are), so maybe showing them more about it might help them come around. Try to explain to them why you want to become vegan - assure them that it's not just a phase, if they'll listen!

    I'm sorry you're going struggling with this though, you could always ask them if they'll compromise and support you being vegan for a trial period - say a few weeks or a month, and see how it goes, then think about allowing it long term if it goes well.

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    Posted by Ashni at 01/15/17 15:52:46

    Sorry you are having trouble with your parents. It can be difficult for parents to accept their children's food choices.

    My parents were also unsure about be becoming vegan (from being vegetarian), and I had to talk to them for a long time before they understood and accepted it. Mainly they were worried from a health perspective where I would get calcium, protein and iron, so I explained that if I had a healthy balanced vegan diet, then there would be no calcium/protein or iron problems. They also had no idea that animals suffer to product eggs and dairy, so I explained what I had learnt about modern day farming practices.

    I would suggest that you try and understand what their concerns are - why they think it is "bad", and try and discuss your point of view. Wish you luck! And if you don't manage to convince them, you can at least be vegan outside of the house...

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