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I am a new veggie (less than 6 months). I know there are tons of books out there but are there any good veggie magazines?
I have found a couple but they seem to be mostly recipes. I found Vegnews is good.

Any other suggestions?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/24/07 16:39:38

    I love Vegnews as well, it's a great book! Check this link for some recommendations from vegnews:

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    Posted by Healthy at 12/26/07 11:54:52

    I second "Veg News."

    It has a ton of information packed into one issue, so you'll have hours of reading and learning.

    It's definitely my favorite.

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    Posted by Aardy at 01/01/08 12:53:38

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into Veg News as well. I need lots of information as I am relatively new to this 'way of thinking and eating'. One year only and has not become easy yet in a world of meat products.

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    Posted by webmaster at 01/02/08 13:05:11

    If you decide to subscribe to VegNews, please consider using the link below which will support this site (5% commission) and you will still likely pay the lowest rate around for the magazine. Thanks! :-)

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    Posted by Isa at 02/16/08 18:50:47

    vegnews sounds cool, ive never seen it in stores b4.

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