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Hi there fellow vegetarians,

I have been a strict vegetarian myself for the last 21 years (starting from the age of 9 when I first realized where meat came from) & my partner and I are both animal lovers & keen organic gardeners with the aim of being self sufficient. I am also a supporter of animal rights, and care for several ex battery "spent hens" saved from slaughter.
I am writing this post because really need the support of fellow vegetarians to help vote my dilapidated vego kitchen getting a makeover in the following competition? (possibly the only Vegetarian kitchen in the competition).

My kitchen is tiny, falling apart & I really need some proper bench space to use for cooking up veggie feasts!!! Please have a look at photos of my kitchen disaster on the link below & if you agree that its pretty nasty, then please put in a vote for how much "my kitchen sucks".

My kitchen is currently ranked 5th with the leader being thousands and thousands of points ahead, so every vote counts. Thankyou so much.




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    Posted by evelyn68 at 06/11/10 05:33:55

    Your 5th rank kitchen needs some cleanness. wash your kitchen everyday and change your tiles colors behind it.

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