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I tried to use the soda substitute for butter and eggs method. I used Izze sparkling blackberry lemonade. It stuck to the pan even though I used Pam Baking spray. Help?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 03/10/18 22:54:27

    I use homemade unsweetened applesauce (golden delicious and winesap apples have plenty of natural sugar that comes out in cooking), and a few tsp. olive oil to make no refined sugar, no eggs, & no dairy milk (substitute almond milk) moist cookies and cakes. Good luck. Just try different recipes and substitute vegan ingredients. I compost my mistakes & give back to the Earth. Good luck. At least you are trying to bake. That's the fun of it. Better than store bought.

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    Posted by EricaGriswold at 03/10/18 23:31:34

    Thank you. My aunt bakes with applesauce. The Izze made the cake taste SO GOOD so I want to try to get the soda cake so that it can come out of the pan.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 04:03:12

    I used canned pumpkin in a boxed spice cake mix and used either oil or Earth Balance to grease the pan (I don't remember which one) and it turned out really well. No sticking. Pumpkin will make baked goods denser/thicker so they're not as light and airy but you could try whipping aquafaba (literally the water from canned chickpeas) if you need a substitute that isn't as heavy.

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