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Hell- Just wondering if anyone could share tips for a vegan wedding in the NJ/NY area. My fiancee and I would love something outdoors spring/summer 2017. We are also on a pretty strict budget as we are attempting to save money for a house and are both teachers. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Posted by AllanFord at 12/29/16 06:04:02

    Hi! First of all congratulations on your wedding! Even I am getting married next year in Florida and we are planning an outdoor wedding! The most easiest way to go for a vegan wedding is having nice brunch instead of the entire meal. Another thing you can do is have DIY wedding favors and do the decorations yourself with the help of your friends, in this way you will save a lot! Even I am planning to do the same when I get married next year over here( The Addison, ) in Florida.

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