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hello i just start run my own wedding venue and thinking of doing a vegan buffet menu for wedding but i need some simple food ideas hoping you can help me

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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/25/16 11:40:40

    Check out vegan Youtube channels like the Vegan Corner, Edgy Veg, or do a search for vegan wedding or vegan food. There's a big vegan community on Youtube with all kinds of great info

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    Posted by Red90 at 04/28/16 09:51:36

    Also PETA has a great article and recipes for a vegan wedding.
    Good luck :)

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 20:11:02

    - Crispy baked tofu with seasonings
    - vegan stuffed shells
    - veggie pierogies or gyoza
    - marinated olives
    - a grain and corn salad
    - sesame kale salad
    - quinoa with almond slivers
    - vegan bread/crackers
    - fancy nut cheeses
    - candied walnuts
    - fruit tray
    - veggie tray with hummus
    - almond or soy milk for coffee
    - hot teas
    - sparkling water
    - vegan wine/booze
    - a dessert table with vegan chips and baked goods

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 20:15:08

    Oooh...I also saw this weird recipe for "fish" made from watermelon, to put in poke bowls or salads, that would be interesting for a wedding.

    Or "meat" made with pulled jackfruit in some kind of awesome sandwiches

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