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Hello HappyCow users :)

I want to discuss something that is extremely important in the vegan and vegetarian community: vegan and cruelty free personal care products.

Many times it is easiest to change out our diet. We decide that meat and animal byproducts will no longer be present in our diet, but does that still make you a vegan? What about those Uggs you have from five years ago? What about that jacket that is lined with bunny fur? And (the sneakiest): what about that L'Oreal mascara that you are still using?

Many companies these days are still testing on animals and still using animal byproducts in their ingredients.

How can you be considered vegan if you are still consuming products that have animal byproducts?

Luckily there are many many vegan companies out there that not only refuse to test on animals, but also do not include animal byproducts in any of their ingredients. These are the companies that are useful to you! Yes they may be a little bit more expensive, but then again it is worth it to find companies that are in line with your mission, right?!

Check out PETA's site online where they have many different certified vegan AND cruelty free companies :) Check it out!

What products are you guys using that don't test on animals and contain 0 animal byproducts?! Write them here for people to see!

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    Posted by VeganGurl123 at 04/23/15 18:32:58

    I use L'Oreal' Vegan Blonde Brass Diminisher and they no longer test on animals.

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    Posted by DavidSJohnston at 05/06/15 06:21:15

    Hi All,

    Can Solivera skin care products!
    Limited range, but guaranteed no animal testing or animal products used in the production. The fat for the soap is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not refined oil, not palm oil, just pure, unfiltered and unadulterated extra virgin olive oil. for more information.

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 05/15/15 14:58:19


    Kirkland signature FTW. Super affordable. 100% Vegan and Paraben Free.

    I love me some Costco.

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    Posted by Arbonne Lady at 06/23/15 20:40:27

    Hi all,

    If your looking for amazing Vegan, GMO free health & beauty products check out Arbonne. I am absolutely in love with this brand. We do not use harmful chemicals as most premium beauty brands do and most importantly we DO NOT test on animals or use any animal products or by-products. Check out the products at my website If you have any queries at all about the productds or how to join my team and become a consultant yourself feel free to email me at Let's make a difference!!

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/24/15 12:08:35

    Once I became vegan, I ditched everything that was not vegan and tested on animals. No shoes or clothing that I wear is animal based. Also, from body care to household products, I make sure I buy them cruelty free and without the animal products. I mainly shop at wholefoods, sprouts and trader joes which carry a lot of these products. I have also noticed for example, your regular grocery stores (albertsons, ralphs, vons and etc) now carry a lot of cruelty free and vegan body care and household cleaning products, such as alba, andelou which I love so much, Jason, and as far as household cleaners, seventh generation is everywhere. Also, I have stopped using bleach, its so toxic to the environment and so I clean my sinks with baking powder, lemon and some seventh generation, and it turns everything white and clean. We have no reason, no more reason to buy products that are tested on animals. Also watch out for Costco products as they are on the list of companies that use a lot of palm oil, which is causing deforestation and loss of habitat around the world. Boycott both target and costco please, until they stop and care.

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    Posted by AliceJones at 10/09/15 03:45:03

    Hey its really good guys.

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    Posted by oliviablond at 03/06/16 09:16:07

    I`ve been leading a vegan lifestyle, so I control what I eat and the products I use in my daily life. I use LUSH shampoo which is 100% vegan. Also I apply some natural oils ( ) on a regular basis. I've fallen in love with this way of life.

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