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Strangely my first post here got deleted. Not sure why. There wasn't anything offensive or controversial in it.
Anyway, I made to commitment to be vegan one week ago, and although I had a few baked goods on a few days that were not vegan, I'm still calling my veganism a success. I've never felt as committed to it as I do now.
I'm open to suggestions and advice on things to eat, how to handle social situations, recipes, websites, books, videos, whatever.
At the beginning of the week I watched Speciesism The Movie. Even though there was nothing new in it and I think there was too much emphasis on PETA, which I'm not a fan of, I believe that really gave me the push I needed to do this. What did you all think of that movie?

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    Posted by GayleMG at 02/20/15 10:23:18

    Ooops. My Bad. I found my previous post. It might have gotten moved to a different forum, or I had put it in there originally and forgotten. Oldtimers disease.

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