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Hello Guys!!!
I hope everyone is doing good=) i have a problem with keeping my vegan muffins to last, with in a few days they have fuzzy mold on them,they are kept in a cool room but not in the fridge.trader joes keeps them out so i thought i could to. is this not the case???? what should i do to keep them longer,plus i live in grease pit riverside so buying them fresh every morning is out of the question =( thank for the help!

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    Posted by Chia at 07/10/07 20:57:36

    To keep muffins from growing mold, how about putting them in the freezer? De-freeze and heat when you want to eat one or so. As for Trader Joes, the store always has the air conditioner blasting, and they sells their stock very quickly anyway. Good luck, and let us know if you find a good solution!

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    Posted by Veggielante at 07/11/07 00:07:56

    Those vegan muffins they sell at Trader Joe's don't stand a chance unless kept frozen or in the freezer. They can keep for a week or so after defrosting from the freezer in the fridge. Mmmm... delicious bran filled vegan muffins :)

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