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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/03/15 06:46:21

    I entered Viterbo University at age 36 in 1979, a few years after becoming a vegetarian. Now I was becoming an animal rights activist.

    On St. Francis Day in '83, I addressed an audience of students and faculty at the Catholic school. Following my presentation, the senior member of the faculty thanked me for my work and lecture, but advised that we approach such issues in "moderation".

    I had the proper response, - to ask if I should approach other issues such as domestic violence and racism in "moderation" as well. But I held my tongue, realizing that she was the last person I dare challenge.

    My decision paid off, as the following semester I was granted the opportunity to teach a class as an undergraduate, - "Gandhi, Schweitzer & St. Francis" - that addressed issues of non-violence, particularly violence against non-human animals.

    It was after graduation that I began writing in earnest, - essays, articles, editorials and books.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 03/03/15 10:27:33

    You are such an amazing person, ahimsa. I love hearing about ur life & ur incredible accomplishments. We are so lucky to have you on the HappyCow forums. (And this movie would be very lucky to have u in their documentary!

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