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Who ever did join a vegan meetup? Was it in a veg place or not?

Most or many Vegan Meetups (according to my own experiences and i googled around to check)organise Vegan Meetups in no veg restaurants. Don't be a sap, don't be naive about it, the only reason why this happens is because the organiser of such a meetup gets a sweet financial reward from the non veg restaurant.

Take the Vegan Meetups in Tokyo, groups up to twenty and more vegans spend a massive amount of money in a non veg restaurant monthly. After the Fukushima accident, various vegan restaurant closed their business because not enough customers temporarely (people were not in the mood to go out and eat..). IF the vegan meetup group would have supported these vegan restaurants, that extra money might well saved one or two vegan restaurants, and who knows, might have closed a non vegan business, which in my vegan opinion is a good thing.

What happened about idealism, about promoting vegan restaurants, about supporting your local vegan businesses and vegan community? It is all literally a sell out by these organisers. Next time frankly ask them if they get money from the non vegan restaurant for organising the meetup there, so YOU spend your vegan dollars in a non veg place.

Anyone has a clue what it would mean for an average vegan restaurant to get regular groups of 10 or more customers? It financially can make the difference between eventually closing the vegan restaurant, or continuing.

What is wrong with vegans organising and joining vegan meetup groups and spending your vegan money in a non vegan place and so NOT supporting your local vegan restaurant scene?

WHAT is so great to eat vegan with fellow vegans while on the table next they eat meat and fish? While, a few streets further away their might well be a real vegan restaurant!!

I would like to hear from people who visit a vegan meetup group in a non veg restaurant, and i would like to ask to make an issue about it, and protest with your organiser, and ask to organise only in vegan restaurants. If not, start a REAL vegan meetup.

Unbelievable, vegans having a happy time while next table other customers munch on a poor animal and a few streets away is a vegan restaurant runned by an idealist vegan who personally invested his own mon ey in it.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/31/14 06:06:06

    I have been organizing vegan meetups in non-vegan (but vegetarian) restaurants simply for the one reason that there is exactly ONE vegan restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that fits the general requirements.

    And while we have had some meetups there, we do want some change, so we go for vegetarian restaurants, but make in clear that everybody orders vegan (the meetup is actually vegans + vegetarians)

    Best regards,

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    Posted by The Hammer at 08/01/14 01:17:59

    Thanks for the response. with "vegxn" i did mean both vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

    And also if there is zero veg restaurants in a city i can imagine an organiser is forced to go for a non veg restaurant.

    But many, really many vegan meet ups organise their meet ups in boring non veg restaurants while their city has an exciting vegan *and vegetarian) restaurant scene. Like to hear from organizers and participants why choose for non veg when there are veg restaurants?

    anyway, little response for this issue, must be unimportant for the vegan sheeple.

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    Posted by Venusr84 at 09/17/14 06:47:04

    You think it's bad there? Try living in Gorey, Ireland where there aren't any vegetarian restaurants, let alone vegan ones. When you say the word "vegan" in a restaurant, they look at you like you have 2 heads.

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    Posted by piotr111 at 09/18/14 10:44:22

    But The Hammer speaks about meeting in no veg restaurants while THERE IS/ARE vegetatarian/vegan ones in town. In my city, for example, there's no vegetarian restaurant and there are only two - may we say - veg-friendly. I know nothing about getting money for bringing people to no veg reustarants but I think veg ones could pay for promotion too. Of course, not everyone is veg(etari)an because of ethical reasons.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/19/14 08:56:20

    Did I miss the memo that said all meetings must be in a restaurant?

    Countless veg/vegan groups hold meetings in private homes, community centers, school facilities, etc.

    They can be "pot luck" events where you need not trust the cooks at a restaurant, but can bring your own dishes to share with like-minded folks and some fence-sitters, too!

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    Posted by Dee Lee at 09/24/14 06:47:09

    Interesting! I've only recently gone Vegan, after being Vegetarian for 30 years, but even as a Vegetarian I would have expected the Meet-ups to be at either Veggie/Vegan restaurants, or Pubs or Coffee Houses, where the emphasis isn't so much on the food.
    Or rent out a venue which is a neutral space and do the 'pot luck' thing like someone above suggested!
    (I don't think many people would be keen on having strangers turning up at their home?)
    But having the Meet-Ups at non-Veg restaurants is sort of like stepping into the Lions den! May as well call them 'Meat-ups'! :-)
    But then again, maybe all those Vegan requests, might help to change the 'supply on demand' at the main stream cafes!

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    Posted by Ausargent at 09/30/14 05:32:09

    Organising these meetups is complex. Generally vegan trumps vego and vego friendly is very much a last resort from what I have seen.

    Some vegan places are not well thought of for one reason or another and so people will not go. Location can be an issue so centrality, accessibility and parking can count. Some groups are mixed vegan/vego and that skews things. People get bored eating at the one vegan joint in town so it gets mixed up for variety.

    We should support vegan business as primary but so too should they not rely on us showing up solely because they are vegan. Earn our custom. Make your place appealing for us and anyone else.

    Perhaps too, vegan pressure at businesses opens new opportunities. Maybe.

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    Posted by Venusr84 at 10/02/14 08:11:53

    Yes I agree I even get bored eating at the one vegan joint in town, and my omnivore friends won't even come any more as they say it's the same food all the time. Picnics are good in the summer and veg BBQ's but in the winter its my house boring I no but what can you do. And the one vegan joint in town is in Dublin.

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    Posted by Venusr84 at 10/02/14 08:29:51

    For example our 2 year engagement anniversary came up and we had nowhere to go we could agree on as he is a omnivore and I was bored with the veg restaurant so we ate in it was ok but we need more veg restaurants .

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/03/14 07:38:13

    Have you considered preparing meals at home rather than going to restaurants?

    How about letting your spouse prepare his own meals if he doesn't want to give vegan food a serious try? Does he know about the four basic reasons for being vegan? Health, the environment, human starvation, and compassion for non-human animals?

    There are thousands of delicious vegan recipes...many available right on this website!

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