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I want to go into business for myself but I'm not sure where to start. I'd love to be able to run the business from my home.

Can anyone offer suggestions for a type of business and/or an mlm to look into?

Thanks in advance!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/05/18 06:43:33

    What particular talents do you have? How much money do you have to use for start-up funds? How big/small a business? All kinds of questions come to mind to properly answer.

    What about a vegan catering company or vegan private chef?

    Or a home and office cleaning company using only cruelty-free cleaning products?

    This might sound weird, but I've often wished there was a service that would come by every week and fill my bird feeders! Legit. I travel a lot and my feathered friends don't get their seed refilled on the regular because of it. I would pay for this service. I also think a service that set up/installed bird and squirrel feeders (some are quite elaborate) and filled them every week would be an awesome gift for the elderly.. ppl who can't physically lift the 50 lb bag of bird seed but are home all day and would love watching the birds and wildlife.

    If you're handy, you could start a handyman service from your home.

    Can u make jewelry? (No leather of course) u could set up an Etsy store.

    Think of what you're really good at. What is your passion? Go from there. : )

    Just brainstorming for you : )

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    Posted by masterofdesign at 01/12/18 14:54:48

    Hi there,
    Have you heard about dropshipping? I have a website that generated 551$ in revenue from April to October. You can check it out here

    It works on dropshipping, that means you don't have to have inventory of products or to deal with shipping cost and so on. I have a supplier that does all for me and I just send the products (by click) whenever someone order.

    If you are interested in this kind of business, let me know and I will tell you more details about my store and if you would want to purchase it I will gladly sell it as I don't have time to run it on my own.

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    Posted by JimmyJar at 02/20/18 07:23:37

    Home business is great idea actually! It will help both - you and environment to become better. In order to succeed, you have to chose decent idea for realization and prepare with a good plan for it. Also, never forget about advertisement - you cant do anything without it.
    You may use special services like
    or others for every social network. It will help you to focus on target audience, boost your followers numbers and generally increase your income. And it will also help to promote clean for the environment way of life and to show people that you can succeed without hurting anyone!

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