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    Posted by Anticopy at 02/27/17 02:06:32

    Just checked really fast and in one of the recipe videos there is feta cheese? This is wrong...

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    Posted by PaulGentner at 03/03/17 06:00:54

    I am brand new to veganism, if thats a word lol. I need help with recipies and what foods for sure are good for me as a vegan. also i bought a detoxing shake. i heard on the web that this was a good idea, to clear out my insides of free radicals and old waste (sorry for the TMI) lol to help me boost start my health better. is this true?

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    Posted by LauraStaron at 03/10/17 03:29:29

    oh thanks

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    Posted by Veganartistbjt at 03/10/17 23:27:14

    Witha couple of recipe tweaks, it's a great guide! Good job!
    I always make sure to take my B12 vitamin daily and I'm all good!

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