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Came across the Inika range recently, bought a couple of products and can recommend them to anyone looking for some decent vegan cosmetics. Good selection of colours. Mail order and retail stockists listed on the 'Inika' site for various countries. They also sell vegan make up brushes.

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    Posted by brandonak81 at 01/21/08 11:04:53 makes great vegan cosmetics as well as lotions and body washes. All cosmetics are $1 and the lotions and body washes are $4.

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    Posted by organicbeginner at 01/27/08 23:04:24

    I would recommend looking for a certified organic product that does not use any synthetic chemicals. Skin care products can utilize the bunny symbol even if they have synthetics in them... the catch is that those synthetics have been tested on animals at one point - whether it was before the actual company made their skin care product, or after they manufactured the product. So, if a company uses synthetics but did not actually do the testing on animals, they can utilize the bunny symbol. Don't you just love marketing loop holes? Check out Certified organic to USDA food grade standards - absolutely no synthetics - so never been tested on animals, and no animal products have ever or will ever be used.

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    Posted by Healthy at 01/29/08 12:11:48

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from -- I hope it's good because not only is the price SUPER, but great packaging.

    In the past I've spent sooo much money on vegan cosmetics, only to be disappointed because the packacking was horrible (make-up fell out of the package; box was made out of cheap cardboard and didn't hold up although the make-up did; etc.)

    So, I hope I found a new home withe eyeslipsface :)

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    Posted by Tatiana at 01/29/08 13:26:48

    I make handcrafted vegan soaps with 100% natural ingredients (no synthetic scents or colors). I don't have a website up yet as I'm still small and haven't built up my inventory too much yet. If you are interested please email me and we can work something out. I'm hoping to start a website relatively soon and have promotions to give % of proceeds to veg and animal rights organizations.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 01/30/08 13:56:49

    Avoid parabens.
    Most "OG" compnays are easing off their usage. It says methylparaben or other parabens used, avoid it. Parabens are now being linked to cancer. Both og and chem brands use parabens, its something to look out for and avoid.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 01/30/08 14:10:32

    I didn't know much about parabens, thanks for the info, I am looking at it a bit now. It seems like they are found in synthetic AND natural sources and are, like you said, some recent studies, while still controversial, are linking it to cancer. I hope they continue to do research to help pinpoint what it is doing to us so we can help keep ourselves safe. We will have to really be careful what we use (makeup, skincare, etc) even if it is natural.

    Here is a link to the wikipedia article about parabens:

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    Posted by organicbeginner at 02/01/08 23:59:15

    Look for USDA Certified Organic products - they cannot use parabens or any synthetic chemicals to be truly certified. kindlizard is right... there are many companies marketing to be "organic" when they have a few organic ingredients mixed in with a toxic chemical soup. I recommend resources like, or "Not Just a Pretty Face" by Stacy Malkan. If your really interested in the toxic chemistry of our everyday products, read "Exposed" by Mark Schapiro. Good luck! Getting educated and voting with your pocketbook is the quickest way to get big companies to take these dangerous chemicals out.

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    Posted by suzieyoga at 03/22/08 07:18:36

    regarding I can't remember where I was alerted to this "new" company, maybe on this website. I perused their website for sometime receiving all sorts of promotions until I finally ordered. First, they use beeswax in their lips products and also parabens. Here's what I got back from them: Thank you for your interest in ELF Cosmetics. Since there is not one definitive list of acceptable ingredients for vegans and because we do not wish to give any incorrect information, we cannot confirm that our products are acceptable for vegan usage at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    The ELF Team

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