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A helpful poster in the chatroom gave a great vegan website in the UK that sells vegan cheese. However, they don't sell in the US. However, I emailed the co last night and they wrote back hours later! Well I was given a list of co that sell in the US including online stores so I thought it would be useful to post it in this public forum. Is the UK site that sells sheese as well as other products is the site of the US distributer of Sheese.
At the bottom of that page is the list of online stores that Black Duck distributes too some of which carry the Sheese carries it
Some of the other online companies sell other brands of vegan cheeses.

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 02/04/08 16:11:50

    Pangea ( also sells Scheese.

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    Posted by dirtandskirts at 02/09/08 13:43:40

    I find this stuff incredible, by the way. I am particularly keen on the creamy Sheese (/Scheese; they changed their spelling not all that long ago because apparently it confused people?), especially with herbs (or chives? something green). It is wicked spendy but frequently loved. And I had the same pleasant experience when writing them once before -- what lovely people.

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    Posted by Alexandra Morrison at 02/09/08 23:50:20

    This stuff is phenomenal. I made a lemon-garlic pasta sauce with a soy cream base, and shredded blue cheese Scheese on it; to die for. All my carnivorous friends who were there for dinner couldn't get over it! Does anyone know if you can buy the stuff in Montreal, Quebec?

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 02/12/08 20:17:06

    You can get it from the online online links and sent through the mail.

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