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    Posted by Cascadian at 02/03/12 03:57:21

    Awesome stuff Ricardo!

    Thanks for doing this! I will actually be in SF on the 11th but am flying back to Portland that morning.I am sure you are busy but if you any time to visit on Thursday or Friday, I would love to meet you or even just watch you train.

    Best wishes for the fight!!

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    Posted by VeganSally at 02/04/12 19:24:15

    How cool! You're awesome! IDA is such a great charity.

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    Posted by MiracleClay at 02/10/12 07:09:51

    That is awesome - I train MMA and am glad to see that there are others in Martial Arts who are willing to donate to such important causes!

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    Posted by MiracleClay at 02/13/12 13:09:32

    That is awesome!

    Mac Danzig is another well-known vegan MMA fighter (was on the Ultimate Fighter and still fights in the UFC I think); just shows you that MMA brings in people from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints.

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