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Hi everyone :)
I've been vegan for a couple of years now and - as i'm sure all of you do - often get ask questions about my choices. I like to be well informed and educated to offer people the undeniable truth that veganism is THE best option for our health/enironment/ethical and moral codes blah blah blah. I think most people believe passionately in at least one of those categories and that each section of carnism (dairy, eggs, meat, fish etc) can be contested by every single one of them in turn.
Obviously we all know the ethical (duh, fish have feelings too), health (high in fat and cholesterol, ingest pollutants, mercury) and environmental (No fish in oceans by 2048, trapping other fish in net etc.) implications of farmed ocean/fresh water fish. And the first two mostly hold true for those in fish farms (where fish are raised and 'harvested' - gross wording - in tanks or enclosures). But are there any environmental issues associated with them? I'm guessing there aren't any pollutants and they can't be overfished because it's a supply and demand chain so they would just grow some more if needed. But is there a problem with the feed they give them or where they get the fish eggs from or are they inbred even?!?!?
Any insights (and references please) would be super helpful :)
Just trying to get the tools to throw down those knowledge bombs!
cheers xxx

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/26/17 14:49:57

    I heard that fish don't feel pain, I don't know if this is true or not but I do know they feel emotions as I have a pet goldfish called Charlie and I have witnessed a change in behavior. I stopped eating mammals and birds whe

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/26/17 15:14:39

    When I was four years old and I stopped eating fish when I was nine. I am a vegetarian. My reason being that it is morally wrong to kill animals when we can happily get by on a cruelty free diet. All animals including fish have sentience ( despite what the propaganda telling pro meat eating so-called 'experts' who have no idea what they are talking about say ) therefore the mass incarceration and industrialized killing of fish is wrong.

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    Posted by Maisierobinson at 05/26/17 21:53:41

    I'm really looking for info about the environmental issues of specifically 'fish farms' but just for your information, researchers have produced evidence suggesting that fish do indeed feel pain. They’ve shown that the animals have pain receptors in their brains, learn to avoid painful situations, and show signs of stress when confined in uncomfortable spaces.

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    Posted by Maisierobinson at 05/26/17 21:57:54

    for more info on fish feelig pain, this article from PETA cites some really great research for further reading

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    Posted by janetbotes at 06/14/17 10:51:06

    This article gives a good overview of the problem with fish farming: Some of which include:

    - pollution in the form of accumulated fish waste and uneaten food
    - escaped farm fish impact the biodiversity of surrounding areas & can become a real big problem as an invasive species
    - the cuase and spread of disease to wild populations, as well as the spread of sea lice
    - pesticides/chemicals used for the control of sea lice pollutes oceans

    From PETA's website (

    Contaminant Stew - Contaminants from ocean-based aquafarms, such as fish excrement, uneaten chemical-laden food, and swarms of parasites, spread to the surrounding ocean, and the rampant disease inside the enclosures is passed on to free-swimming fish in the area—even threatening some populations of wild salmon to the point of extinction.

    More links:

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    Posted by marlicious at 06/30/17 08:32:39

    Even if some claim that fish don't feel pain, they surely waht to live and not be raised to be eaten. Also I can't imagine how fish farms in China etc. can be good for the environment.

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    Posted by happah10 at 06/30/17 23:56:30

    Even before I went vegan i would avoid farm raised fish and shrimp. Yuck. Dirty.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/01/17 07:41:11

    From pretty much any standpoint fish farms are bad. I'm actually studying environmental science I can tell you that farmed fish are more likely to be inbred, diseased, and also spread diseases to wild fish. If you for any reason support fisheries (I think it's important for wild salmon to thrive because they feed other animals like bears,not because I want people to eat them), fish farming is not the way. Taking down dams and other forms of wetland and riparian healing is the only way.

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