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I believe that this is the only time that the Monty Python team ever reviewed veg*n breakfast cereals. The sketch opened the series' final episode from late 1974 & was co-written by Neil Innes - it is one of my favorite pieces of Python.
View it here -
Mr Garibaldi (played by Terry Jones) reviewing 4 breakfast cereals.
1. Ano-Weet - "I like this Ano-Weet, it really unclogs me."
2. Recto-Puffs - "I mean a lot of others say they unclog you, but I never
had a single bowel movement with the Recto-Puffs."
3. Wilkinson's Number 8 Laxative Cereal - "No, the stuff I liked was
that stuff they gave us before the war, what was it - Wilkinson's Number 8
Laxative Cereal. Phew. That one went through you like a bl&&dy
4. Go-Eazi - "Do you remember 'Go-Eazi'? They were hopeless...
little black pellets... tasted foul and stuck inside you like flooring
Participants - the Garibaldi family of Droitwich in Worcestershire, UK -
contestants in the competition for the - 'Most Awful Family in Britain,
1974. Sponsored by Heart Attacko Margarine'.
The script -

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    Posted by emilyplay at 08/15/08 08:42:52

    I watched it multiple times trying to catch all of the lines.


    So silly.

    Is England really like that in places?

    It was hard to catch and understand all of the accents so reading the script helped a little.

    I could not stop laughing and I must have watched 15 other related YouTube pieces with the same comedians last night until late.

    I have never seen anything like it before.

    John Cleese was in some of them but I do not know the other actors.

    When I searched about Terry Jones I discovered that he was one of the writers of "Labirinth" which has to be my favorite movie ever.

    One of our friends always talks about her bowel problems and she regularly eats at Fast Food places like KFC.

    When I tell her that her digestion problem is caused by her diet it is as if she goes deaf for a few minutes and just cannot hear me.

    "Heart Attacko Margarine" and bowel movement infatuation. It amazes me that people already made these connections almost 25 years ago yet still today there is massive ignorance about diet.

    I am so lucky that both of my parents believed in whole foods and not eating meat.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 08/16/08 04:55:50

    John Cleese is a veggy I believe.

    There was a little macro-biotic / veggy cafe in London in the late 60's called " Seed" - it was a place of magic!

    For sure many close friends of the Pythons visited - especially George Harrison.

    The team who founded "Seed" / ran it were one of the strongest catalysts of the massive growth of compassionate eating & living in the UK.


    John Lennon cartoon promoting "Seed" 40 years ago - in 1968 -


    Some history of "The Seed" / veggy London -

    Excerpts -

    "In August I found new premises, in the basement of the Gloucester Hotel on Westbourne Terrace. My brother Gregory joined me in the business and the restaurant, known as "Seed" was opened in early 1968.

    Seed had two rooms, in a big rambling basement of the hotel. One had cushions on the floor set around tables made out of the 4-5 ft diameter reels that mains electrical cable was wound around, so customers met one another as there were no reservations and no exclusivity of tables in that room. In the other room there was a tent style hanging from the ceiling and normal square wooden tables with bentwood chairs.

    The kitchen was small, but we had an outside yard where we stored organic vegetables that were delivered by Ivan Seruya or Michael van Straten, both of whom also supplied Wholefood, the Soil Association's shop in Baker Street. Gregory struck up a good relationship with Lilian Schofield, who managed Wholefood and we regularly took their surpluses of vegetables to use in the restaurant.

    Mary Langman, one of the Soil Association's founders, grew vegetables for Wholefood on a smallholding in Beckenham, Kent but anyone who was a Soil Association member felt they could just put a few boxes of organic cabbages on the train to Paddington, tell Wholefood it was on the way and that it would be dealt with. Gregory also found a supplier of fresh laver (nori) from Wales and we would collect it once a week from Paddington and use it to make laver bread.

    Our basis menu (called ‘Tomorrow's You') was Rice and Vegetables for 4 shillings (20p). Then there were two specials, differentiated by the size of the earthenware bowl it was served in. Light Special (7/6) and a Heavy Special (10/- or 50p), which was brown rice, vegetables nituke, and then two other portions that might be vegetable tempura, a bean dish, felafel, tabouli, hummus or whatever was special that day.

    We also supplied, as part of our outreach and education mission, a free meal, which comprised the Brown Rice and vegetables plus a cup of kukicha from the always-on-help-yourself tea boiler. You could order an umeboshi plum, a mu tea, a seaweed dish or vegetable tempura as side orders. The tape recorder belted out the latest sounds and grooves from a wide variety of rock genres, but mostly psychedelic rock and mellow blues.

    Marc Bolan of Tyrannosaurus Rex walked to Seed to get the free meal and it was at Seed that he met Mickey Finn, an event that rock historians cited when calling for a blue plaque for historical buildings to be put up on the site many years later. Regular visitors included John and Yoko, Terence Stamp, most of the Stones as well as vegetarian/macrobiotic activists and enthusiasts and most of the denizens of the Underground alternative culture that was springing up all over the country."


    Little veggy cafes can & do change the world!

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    Posted by emilyplay at 08/16/08 08:51:14


    My parents often play Tyrannosaurus Rex and look dreamily at each other.

    They were so happy when I just showed this to them.

    My dad just told me some things about Monty Python also.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 08/18/08 14:17:02

    Hi emilyplay,

    Labirinth is a favorite of mine also.

    You may like to search out a DVD copy of the movie "The Meaning of Life".

    ............but only watch it on an empty stomach!


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/13/08 06:36:08

    One of my all-time favorite cereal recipes.


    - from The Vegetarian September 1992

    Celebrity Recipes from National Vegetarian Week 1992

    John Cleese's Cornflakes

    Simple but distinctively different, that's John Cleese's recipe for a perfect vegetarian breakfast.

    It's very simple to make and absolutely delicious. An alternative is to use Coca-Cola instead of milk. Add basil as required.

    1 Buy a packet of cornflakes.

    2 Open the cardboard box.

    3 Open the sort of plastic packet inside the box.

    4 Pour the contents (sort of yellowy brownish bits of things) on to a plate.

    5 Buy a bottle of milk.

    6 Take the top off the thin end of the bottle.

    7 Invert the bottle gently over the cornflakes making sure that the milk does not go over the edge of the plate.


    I make it with rice milk now.

    For multiple rice milk recipes go here - - thank you Don.


    "There's something about watching an animal that puts you in contact with where we came from and what we're still a part of." - John Cleese

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