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Hi, just wondering what peoples thoughts are re: codes/legends?

I have seen V, VG & VE all used to denote 'Vegan' in restaurants etc (as well as both VO & VA to represent Vegan option/Vegan available), this is potentially confusing and problematic.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 10/08/15 02:24:14

    I have seen cases where V represents vegetarian AND vegan and yes it can be confusing. Sometimes at first glance a menu item description can seem to be vegan but will only be labeled vegetarian or not labeled at all while other menu items have the V. In those cases I always ask exactly what is in the dish that makes it not vegan. Usually it is hidden butter, ghee, whey, fish oil, or in some cases something as simple as cane sugar.

    It would be nice if there was one uniform code for vegan and one for vegetarian, but I don't see that happening as it would be difficult to regulate the restaurant industry in that way. It's helpful when there is a legend at the bottom of a menu that explains what each of the codes means. It would be nicer yet if hidden ingredients were shared on the menu item as well, but I suppose it wouldn't be as appealing if ingredients like butter and fish oil were added to the description.

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    Posted by Stevie at 10/09/15 01:09:19

    For the little it's worth the best denotion for vegan in my opinion would be either:-

    vv - vegan grade vegetarian



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    Posted by VeganIsMyMiddlename at 10/22/15 11:24:10

    I don't care, too much, WHAT the final symbol is, so long as one is agreed upon. One of my pet peeves is things being labelled 'vegetarian' when they're actually 'vegan'. (A local restaurant, for example, has 'vegetarian' right in its name, even though it is a VEGAN restaurant! grrrrr!)

    I think Vv makes sense, while I've seen a trend in restaurants using 'v' for vegetarian and 'v+' for vegan. I also like the green 'V' that looks like a checkmark. ...Or just the word 'vegan'...

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