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Dehydrators, frozen dessert makers and others... Although a good knife can be enough for preparing nice vegan food, the below appliances could help a lot :-) Here is my list - please post yours, your comments, etc.

1) A quality food processor - for chopping and mixing food, preparing vegan fruity/nutty chocolate etc.

2) A quality blender - for preparing mixes, shakes, smoothies

3) A quality grater - for preparing salads etc

4) A quality slicer - for preparing salads etc; I have very good experience with the Selkin Borner V1 V

5) A quality dehydrator - for preparing dried fruits, snacks, biscuits etc.; I love the nine-tray Excallibur dehydrator; set the thermostat to 35C/95F and your food will be dried overnight while still remains raw!

6) A quality "frozen dessert maker" - my favourite is the Yonanas frozen dessert maker; just put frozen banana with frozen strawberry or other fruit into it, turn it on, and in a few minutes you have all-vegan ice cream; I would suggest buying the stronger pro version though

7) A quality steamer - for steaming vegetables

8) A quality "multicooker" - check out this link (
pt=UK_HGKitchen_SmallApp_RL&hash=item51b17d4e88 ) to see what I mean - it is so convenient, so much faster than your usual fireplace/grill, you can use it to cook, bake, fry, roast, even "grill" ... even without any oil added

9) A fridge with nice size freezer :-)

10) A quality "whole orange presser" - for quickly pressing oranges, lemons, grapefruits etc. - I like the semi-professional ones that make the job in one go as you pull down the arm/lever

11) A quality "whole fruit juicer" - for juicing various fruits; usually the larger and the more powerful the machine is the better

12) A "wheat grass juicer" - if you grow you own wheat grass this can be very useful

What do you think? What appliances do you use everyday? What appliances did you buy but never really use? Any more to the list? Any models and makes you prefer?

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    Posted by AndyT at 03/26/14 01:08:20


    Great list, seems you like your kitchen appliances (which I can totally understand)

    For me, it is the quality blender (Vitamix), the Juicer and the grater, other than that, cutting boards and knives go a long way to help me...

    Fridge - actually I have 2 fridges instead of one.

    Whole orange presser is great, but if you only want to juice one or two oranges, you spend more time cleaning than juicing ... so it's the simple plastic thingy for me that normally does the job.

    I would add a quality can opener...

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/27/14 08:06:44

    College Students can't afford high quality appliances and can't get everything because they are on a budget. What is a good list of appliances for vegan college students?

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    Posted by radtechg9 at 03/30/14 20:25:01

    College students...I recommend hitting up goodwill on 50% off day and trying to get a good deal on a crockpot and also a steamer if possible. I own al the above listed in both answers (including vitamix, high end dehydrator and juicer) but bought my crockpot and steamer for $5 a pop at goodwill. Who cares if it dies in 1-2 years in got it cheap anyway. Other cheaper items I have for my vegan cooking include a spiralizer for making veggie noodles and a mandolin for making sliced veggied/fruits. Focus on maybe getting one good knife (one that you can have sharpened in the future). You don't need a $400 set...just 1-2 decent knives you can keep sharp. You can go big later in life...for now try to get those items 2nd hand. It is common for someone to buy a spendy juicer and then 4 weeks later sit it on a shelf then try and sell it two years later....grab those deals on craigslist and run with them!

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    Posted by AndyT at 03/31/14 23:06:36

    I'd suggest the Vitamix for a poor college student (ask your relatives for birthday/christmas/etc.)

    It is definitely the most used appliance in our kitchen (apart from the knives and cutting boards)

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    Posted by Redheaded Vegan at 04/02/14 13:07:58

    I would add a coffee grinder to your fabulous list. I find it incredibly useful for grinding nuts and seeds.

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    Posted by markmp3 at 04/05/14 13:26:14

    My bamix is the tool I recommend that everyone owns. It is the cadillac of stick blenders and is made in Switzerland.

    I also recommend that everyone have a couple of good, quality pressure cookers. I have Kuhn Rikon. They are pricey but, again, they aren't made in China. They are Made in Switzerland.

    Manpans. These are the best pans on earth. They have a proprietary, water based seal that protects you from the aluminum and they are guaranteed for twenty years. They are also Made in the USA.

    You will want a few juicers. I recommend mastication ones as they will extract your juice at the lowest rpm and this means a higher nutrient juice.

    My favorite vertical juicers are Tribest Slowstar and Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

    A couple of knives are good. I like the ceramic knives. Try to avoid the Chinese made ones and spend extra for the ones made in Japan.

    Coffee Grinder is a must. You will use it for grinding herbs, seeds, etc.

    One other thing that no one has mentioned. A water distiller. Most of the states in the U.S. fluoridate our water. This is involuntary poison. Pure Water Inc. make the best water distillers on earth and they come with a ten year warranty to back up that claim. Yes, it's more expensive then it's cheaper counterparts but it is 100% stainless steel and Made in the USA. If you're just one person go for the smaller one. I believe it's around $500. Trust me, it's worth saving for or putting on your wish list. If you have more then one person then look at Pure Water's sister line: Aqua Nui. They come with the same awesome warranty and have several configurations. Again, they are pricey but they're Made in the USA and Stainless Steel. Also, I use my distiller daily.

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    Posted by MountainLightSage at 04/16/14 23:42:49

    I'd also chime in with the Vitamix blender. My raw food recipes have interesting smoothies. (Mountain Light Sage Publishing on the Amazon Kindle store for under $2, please check it out if you'd like). At first I was astonished at the price, $300 to $400 plus, but I just called Vitamix today actually and she says they last for like 30 years, whereas the other blenders, even high end ones like Ninja can break down constantly.

    A raw foods guru who is huge on liquid raw food and smoothies mentioned that the Vitamix has so much horsepower that your body doesn't have to expend so much energy digesting the food. The machine does it for you. I'm going to save for the blender I think it's like giving a gift back to yourself.

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