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Hi everyone

Just thought I would share this moment. Today is my first day of my vegan pledge. I decided to take this step after joining Happy Cow yesterday and reading all the wonderful info here! Here goes!

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    Posted by Gypsylady at 08/18/16 08:25:44

    How is it going? Lots of learning?

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    Posted by SiYama at 08/18/16 13:31:27

    Good luck!!!

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/19/16 03:58:37

    Gypsylady Lots of learning for sure! ;) always learning! So far journey is going well! Thrilled too that more and more vegan options are becoming available in cafes etc for vegans which helps. grill'd burgers here in Oz have added a vegan burger to the menu and gluten free rolls Yaay! They also serve vegetarian burgers as well! Not sure if grill' have reached Nz or not? I do miss specialty cheese though like Camembert etc have not come across vegan cheese like that yet :(

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/19/16 04:06:51

    SiYama Thanks for your response it sure helps to have encouragement when when one is trying to make positive change!

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