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I've been a vegan for 2 weeks so far out of mostly environmental concern. I figured out most questions about getting all the right nutrients, but I am worrying a bit about all the fiber. I know fiber is good for one up to a point, but I'm worried I'm getting too much. In the old days, I could take a break from fibrous digestive hard work with eggs, cheeses, and of course the meats. Now I'm eating so much more fruit, whole grains, salads, seeds, nuts, steamed veggies, and of course pulses, or pulse based products. It can seem a bit heavier than what I was used to, bulkier, even gassier. This is of course the advantage (forget the costs for now) of the hunted diet (forget today it's mostly factory farms) - packed with calories, nutrients, fats, without eating vegetarian fare all day like our mammalian or primate cousins. But animal agriculture is not sustainable and the biggest contributor to climate change, and I'm trying to find the right balance between eating vegan based nutrients but without feeling too packed or overstressing my digestive system. I'm still learning new things - like today my first foray in draining, marinating, and frying cubes of tofu - I can imagine foods like that will help. Any other advice about the problem of bulk (and it's not just the fiber; all those grains aren't exactly packed with nutrients either)? How do you vegans solve this question for yourself?

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    Posted by MariaLyn at 01/06/18 20:47:56

    After a while, your body adjusts to the fiber.

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    Posted by animalsarentfood at 02/13/18 05:45:51

    Anytime we make a significant and immediate change to our diet, our body will need some to adjust. Give it some time and try to mix in some white grains like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes, avoid the whole grains for now. Cheese and other dairy products tend to constipate us, so it's kind of strange to actually get on a regular pooping schedule once you go vegan.

    I've never tried this personally, but I've heard short term fasting can really help with digestion issues like gas and bloating. It allows your digestive system to work through everything in it without taking in more. These fasts only last about 12 hours.

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