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Community: Forum: Vegan / Veg Discussion

Vegan / Vegetarian Discussion - All Things Veg*n Forum

I just moved to Fort Myers a couple months ago & unfortunately will probably have to live here for good. I'm used to large cities that have everything, so it's never been a problem up until now to get groceries or find good veg. restaurants. There is only ONE Indian restaurant here & there are NO truly veg. restaurants. There are no natural food stores either - Mother Earth sells supplements more than anything. My fav. store - Whole Foods, is more than half an hour away in Naples. :(
Publix has very little to offer as well. I'm used to stores that integrate Veg. options or at least have a sep. organic/veg. section that is quite large. I cannot even find tofu (other than some weird spiced tofu infusion thing) there. Is there anyone else in Fort Myers who is a veg.?
I really would like some input as to where to go get my groceries.

Responses (3)

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    Posted by veganwholovesfood at 12/28/09 12:46:34

    Try My best friend swears by their food and I think they deliver to where you are.

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 12/28/09 19:52:07

    there are plenty! You even have a Pizza Fusion. You just need to start looking on local menus. I found the whole area to be entirely vegan friendly and options were fantastic at the restaurants that had them. Start searching out using and use the word vegan or vegetarian. Yep, it'll only be a handful of items at each place, but I think you'll find the vegan world will reveal itself like an onion, keep pealing away!

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    Posted by The Veggie Cook at 12/28/09 20:14:45

    Hi BeachBabe10:

    Using HappyCow, you will find a handful of options for veg and veg-friendly restaurants and a health food store call Mother Earth's.

    From the Fort Myer's page on HappyCow, click on the "SEE MAP" map icon near the top of the page. The map will show you all the places, including a vegan restaurant called Loving Hut in Cape Coral, several miles away.

    HappyCow's listings are current and submitted by locals and travelers like yourself. The other veg guides all copy info from HappyCow, so this is THE source that everyone checks first!

    When you become more familiar with Fort Myers, please add some listings you think are veg-friendly and health-conscious to HappyCow. Thanks!

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