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Okay, so I have been a vegetarian for the last 5 years of my life. That raised enough concerns with my mom already but seeing me do fine after the first couple of weeks, she stopped worrying about me not getting enough of all the healthy stuff meat supposedly brings us.
Recently, I had decided I wanted to explore my options as a vegan, in the hope to become one soon. Whithin two days I had four concerned family members going on about my health.
What is it with people thinking veganism is not a healthy lifestyle? Even now, when there is all the evidence that it is healthier than a diet including meat and dairy. It is better for the world. It can save our futures. Long term and short term. And still, people cling on to that crueltyculture meat that brings them fat, diseases, and cancers. (According to many investigations)
There are so many sites, organisations, documentaries, books, etc. about veganism and still everyone who is not vegan beliefs that it is a dangerous lifestyle. Open your eyes people! Get informed!
Why is this all back-ground media? Why do you have to look for it to get to know all these amazing facts. Every day my brain gets spammed by all sorts of media giving me information that I do not need to know, and yet all these things about how meat and dairy effect pretty much everything we need to survive, stayed hidden from me for a long time.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 08/25/15 13:33:06

    Hello Sophie,

    I don't know, but I think it has to do with ignorance, traditions, being uninformed, religion, and being of certain cultures. And also, how people were raised and preached about what's healthy, and for a long time, vegetarians were not accepted, and talked about lacking nutrients, being sick and thin. The world is changing, but for the vegan eye, its not fast enough. I am vegan, and although I see change, I feel that I won't be able to see the change I want in my lifetime. Believe in yourself and you are doing what is right for your health, the environment and the animals, the innocent animals that are suffering tremendously when its completely unnecessary for our survival. Thank you for all you have done so far. Best wishes to you.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/12/15 21:14:08

    It's because of government subsidiaries to farmers for one thing. There is an insidious link between mainstream political parties and big corporations, and that means food, too.

    Secondly it's the primitive belief that meat is necessary because of its high fat and calorie density. One of the dumbest links I have seen smart or educated people make to continue eating meat, is saying that we evolved because of it...when in truth what helped us was the calorie density...people who are survivalist often hunt meat and regard it as an occasional blessing because of calorie density...but it doesn't take a genius to see that middle class people, and even working class people, no longer require this calorie density because they actually are eating too many calories and too much fat. I'm especially annoyed by anyone who is at least middle class claiming they couldn't be vegetarian or vegan. If anything, the most privileged of us need to make use of our education and resources to change food culture one by one, and eventually change the food culture of the world.

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