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Eating meat has been an ongoing tradition of the human kind for over 10,000 years. Our ancestors ate meat to sustain themselves and as a result eating meat has become a normalised cultural norm. We see this pattern in all civilisations and different races among the board.

But now take a second to think about this;

In the USA eating pork is fine but eating horses is horrific.
In the middle east, eating beef is acceptable but eating pork is not tolerated.
In India, eating eggs is widely accepted but eating cattle is holy.
In northern Europe eating horse is considered ok, but eating pets such as cats and dogs is unethical.
In Asia eating cats and dogs is permissible, in fact eating most animals is acceptable.
In fact what we are seeing is that each culture values a source of calories differently, and these cultural values are also being imposed upon animals. These cultures justify the consumption of meat based on irrational principles from the beginning.

If you can live without consuming animal products why should you do it?

The truth is that the Vegan ideology is as pushy as the carnist ideology. The propaganda machine for animal products is immensely powerful and looks out to make more money that it could ever dream of.

The truth is that the manner in which the corpses carnists consume are far from the public's eyes, hence the victims (the animals) become invisible to society.

The truth is that the "bio" label has now become a secondary approach towards appeasing the crowd of angry carnists, whom are outraged about the conditions in which animals are slaughtered. This leads to irrational justifications to take another being's life, by going to the super market.

The truth is that animal products are the leading causes for the worst western diseases, for example: meat is correlated with cancer and heart disease.

The truth is that carnism leads to rational individuals, whom are capable of thinking on their own, to morally justify the slaughter of animals, even after being presented the facts.

This is called the denial of the invisible system, a system kept away from the public's eyes.
This is called the denial of the invisible victims, victims whom are kept away from the public's eyes.
This is called the denial of scientific facts, facts that are twisted and supported by the heavy industries who will do everything in their power to keep the consumers consuming. This is seen with health, the damage done on the environment and the perpetual denial of animals being sentient.
This is called the denial of empathy and rationality, as these have been suppressed through thorough conditioning at a very young age.
This is called the denial of comprehending that it is not normal, not natural, and not necessary. Slavery was once normal, natural and necessary. The hatred of homosexuals was normal, natural and necessary.

The truth is that this all leads to cognitive distortions, where we have internalised and accepted that eating animal flesh is normal, natural and necessary.

The truth is that all cattle, pigs and chicken are just animals. they are "it". They do not have personalities and emotions. they are commodities, as women and black men were once upon a time in our western world.

If carnism can be so deceptive, you need to be aware that extreme veganism could very well be too. Do your research, be aware and raise awareness. Always question and make the logical choices.

So long,

Sports Vegan.

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