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What are the choices and challenges for vegetarians in 2011?

25 July 2011

What's it like being vegetarian in the world today? Is it easy, challenging, satisfying, fun? What's difficult and is there anything that could really make a difference? The Big Veggie Survey, a major new research project, commissioned by the Vegetarian Society and carried out by market research company ORC International, aims to find out.

The Vegetarian Society, an educational charity, wants to hear from vegetarians, vegans, ex-veggies and meat-reducers to learn more about the experiences of vegetarians in today's world. The Big Veggie Survey is also aimed at caterers, carers and teachers, indeed anyone with an interest in vegetarianism. The survey is open now and runs until 3 September at

Dr Jon Green, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said, "The Vegetarian Society has been supporting and representing vegetarians for more than 160 years so it's tempting to think that we must have all the answers already, but with vegetarians, vegans and others who have an interest in vegetarianism coming from all sorts of different perspectives, it's vitally important for us to check in every so often and find what people really think. We also need to look to the future, understanding who the vegetarians of tomorrow will be and what we can do to help them get there."

The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity formed in 1847 for more details visit

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    Posted by jive at 07/30/11 23:09:56

    The survey takes about 15 minutes. The questions are pretty straight forward. This all helps the vegetarian society to compile valuable research data for promoting an animal friendly future.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 08/01/11 13:47:40

    I was hoping for more in-depth questions. I'd presume the majority of people taking this survey could provide some very insightful, pensive answers. I found the survery to be very straight forward bordering on simplistic. Nonetheless, I commend them for taking on such a major research project.

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