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Hello. I do not understand what they are rambling on about with a deficiency of B12 in a Vegan (Herbivorous) diet.

Supposedly Carnivores get it from "red meat"? Why hasn't anyone thought to try eating what they are eating? I know many don't think of eating Grass, but many already make us of Grass' mature form, the Wheat Stalk.

Personally myself I went wild over eating the Grass myself, it really helped to understand why grass eaters like Bovines and Elephants grow to be so large and powerful. It has some nutrients in it that really give me quite the boost!

In later time though, I though about just getting some Wheat flour, as it is the same as grass, only harvesting it after maturing into a wheat stalk.

I take the wheat flour and mix it with some water to where it sticks as a dough, but not to where it is really soggy. I munch down on it raw and uncooked as to savor all of the nutrients, which is critically important in one's diet.

Herbivores! You are depraving yourself greatly by cooking your food! You really need to try eating your plant foods raw and uncooked so as to acquire all of the important nutrients that help your physical body function at an optimum level!

Anywho, after eating some wheat and/or grass, my body is pumping very nicely with blood and I feel great after eating it.

People! You really need to be getting plenty of Raw/Uncooked Wheat in your diet! It is a spectacular plant!

Go! Now! Don't wait!

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    Posted by AndyT at 08/04/15 21:44:57

    Please note that eating raw, unwashed vegetables and fruits only will NOT give you your required Vitamin B12!

    As vitamin B12 deficiency is a rather serious issue, this is really not the place to take risks. Simply supplement Vitamin B12 either by consuming foods fortified with it or by taking supplements.

    A vegan lifestyle is healthy and compassionate, but if you neglect to consume a sufficient amount of Vitamin B12, then you can jeopardize your own health and, by this, also the reputation of veganism. Please don't take any chances on that.

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    Posted by RJS at 08/08/15 09:43:49

    I think the research into B12 is convincing.
    I don't think I could get enough even from enriched food so I take a supplement.
    The Vegan Society sell one.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/12/15 21:35:52

    Um, your need for B12 isn't a lie. Lack of B vitamins is actually part of the reason for neurological damage in severe alcoholics.

    Just use the money you would have used for animal products to get a good sublingual B12, buy fortified milks and cereals, and/or get a huge container of nutritional yeast. No biggie.

    I don't suggest trying to get all of your B12 from soil.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/12/15 21:37:32

    After reading this again, I believe the post was made by a troll, a lame attempt at portmanteau on "wheatgrass"...only an insane person would suggest a raw dough diet.

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