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Hey everyone, I am a lifelong vegetarian and I enjoy food - eating out as well as cooking. When I am picking a restaurant for dining, I often have questions about specifics of their veggie-friendly offerings - questions for which I have no choice but to call the restaurant. I am a busy professional though, and often I am just too busy to call up a restaurant and wait on hold.

I came across this cool new service called Showter - - that lets you get answers to these questions over text message. If you want to ask a restaurant questions like 'does the caesar salad dressing have anchovies?' or 'are the veggie burgers cooked on their own grill?' or other questions for which you'd have to call them, you can just type these in on Showter at and get your answer back conveniently via txt in a few minutes.

I don't know how they do it but I have been able to text every restaurant in my area - the SF Bay Area - and they work with every U.S. business. Anyway I thought I'd pass it along to the folks here. Hope you find it useful!

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    Posted by AndyT at 04/02/14 20:23:42

    Sounds interesting, but how can you find out which areas they serve? The website is ... well, rather oblique on that.

    They give SF as an example, so I understand that they are in SF, but where else?

    Best regards,Andy

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    Posted by midtownninja at 04/02/14 22:29:43

    I dropped the founders an email and just heard back from them. The service covers ALL US businesses. If they don't have the business already signed up to respond to your question via their product, they make the phone call themselves and text you the answer you need.

    Basically, as a customer, you don't need to think about whether a restaurant or other business is signed up with them or not. Either way they'll get you your answer. And that's awesome in my book!

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